UPFA tops votes in the Matara District

Frontline Socialist Party2540.05%0 The United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) has secured the most number of seats in the Matara District at the 2015 Parliamentary election.The UPFA got 250, 505 votes in the District and secured 5 seats while the United National Party (UNP) got 186,675 votes and 3 seats. United People’s Freedom Alliance250,50552.44%5* Independent Group 022,3320.49%0 TOTAL POLLED490,40978.61% * Including a bonus seat. People’s Liberation Front35,2707.38%0 Nawa Sihala Urumaya330.01%0 United People’s Party2420.05%0 Independent Group 04950.02%0 Sri Lanka National Force240.01%0 Independent Group 03450.01%0 The Liberal Party210.00%0 Independent Group 011,1600.24%0 REJECTED VOTES12,6922.59% Sri Lanka Labour Party190.00%0 Our National Front2620.05%0 REGISTERED NO OF ELECTORS623,818 Jana Setha Peramuna940.02%0 United National Party186,67539.08%3 TOTAL VALID VOTES477,71797.41% PARTY/GROUP NAMEVOTES OBTAINEDPERCENTAGENO OF MEMBERS Democratic Party5210.11%0 Eksath Lanka Podujana Pakshaya1650.03%0 read more