Prep Sports Roundup: 3/8

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailBaseball HURRICANE, Utah-Brytten Riddle went yard and Morgan Albrecht added two more RBI as the Richfield Wildcats overpowered the Moapa Valley (Nev.) Pirates 7-4 at Hurricane High School Friday during the Tiger-Panther Classic. ST. GEORGE, Utah-Stormie Gee homered and Ashlyn Dansie added an RBI as the Juab Wasps got past Grand 4-3 Friday at the March Warm-Up Classic. ST. GEORGE, Utah-Addelyn Brotherson, Kelby Henry, Gracee Christiansen and Sarah Oldroyd each came up with a hit but it wasn’t enough as the Roy Royals doubled up North Sanpete 4-2 Friday during the March Warm-Up Classic. Tiger-Panther Classic Brad James Tags: Carter Jackman/Chace Gipson/Grantsville/Kanab/Marcus Fox/Nathaniel “Hoss” Houston/Sam Orton/Tiger-Panther Classic Written by Donnie Pymm First Pitch Classic @ Dixie State University ST. GEORGE, Utah-Brock Cragun surrendered only four hits in seven innings of work and the Juab Wasps blanked Payson 6-0 at the Donnie Pym First Pitch Classic at Dixie State University Friday. Dalin Ludlow and Spencer Reynolds had 2 RBI apiece for the Wasps in the win. center_img ST. GEORGE, Utah-Spencer Reynolds had the sole RBI of the game for Juab as the Wasps fell 9-1 to the Dixie Flyers Friday at the Donnie Pymm First Pitch Classic at Dixie State University. Softball HURRICANE, Utah-Chace Gipson posted 4 RBI and the Grantsville Cowboys outgunned the Kanab Cowboys 15-10 Friday at the Tiger-Panther Classic hosted by Hurricane High School. Marcus Fox had 3 RBI and Sam Orton and Carter Jackman added 2 more RBI apiece in the loss for Kanab. Nathaniel “Hoss” Houston also belted three hits in defeat for Kanab. HURRICANE, Utah-Derek Houston netted 3 RBI and Dawson Orton and Cole Clarkson each added 2 more as the Kanab Cowboys routed Class 6-A Kearns 9-2 at the Tiger-Panther Classic Friday at Hurricane High School. Manning Mulford and CJ Mulford each had an RBI in the loss for the Cougars. ST. GEORGE, Utah-Raygen Newton homered twice and Madison Myers and Brylee Allan each had 2 RBI apiece as the Juab Wasps smacked Orem 16-5 at the March Warm-Up Classic Friday. The Wasps also posted 17 hits in the win. March Warm-Up Classic March 8, 2019 /Sports News – Local Prep Sports Roundup: 3/8 HURRICANE, Utah-Emmitt Hafen led the way with 4 RBI and the Richfield Wildcats overpowered Kearns 11-8 Friday at Hurricane High School during the Tiger-Panther Classic. Jake Shepherd added 3 more RBI in the win for the Wildcats. last_img read more

MINUSTAH mission to Haiti to end in six months

first_imgArgentinean UN peacekeeper holds a baby download during distribution of water and food to victims of tropical storm Hanna The head of the United Nations Stabilization Mission  (MINUSTAH) Sandra Honoré, says the mission will cease operations in Haiti within six months.Addressing the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday, Honoré said that the progress achieved during the past 13 years in Haiti’s stabilization process is notable and it “is therefore timely to reshape the partnership among the international community, the United Nations and Haiti with a view to ensuring the sustainability of this progressIt is with this in mind, that the Secretary-General has recommended the closure of MINUSTAH in six months from now and the establishment of a smaller peacekeeping operation with concentrated focus on the rule of law and police development, with strong good offices and human rights monitoring roles.“With your support, the transition from MINUSTAH to a new and smaller Mission would be guided by a Joint Transition Plan that underpins the gradual transfer of tasks to the Government, international partners and the UN Country Team,” she added.The UN mission, established in June 2004 by a UN Security Council resolution, succeeded a Multinational Interim Force (MIF) after then President Bertrand Aristide departed Haiti for exile in the aftermath of an armed conflict which spread to several cities across the country.In January 2010, the Security Council, by resolution, endorsed the Secretary-General’s recommendation to increase the overall force levels of MINUSTAH to support the immediate recovery, reconstruction and stability efforts in the country.last_img read more

Suspended Juventus coach Conte says he is being made scapegoat

first_imgJuventus coach Antonio Conte says he is being made a scapegoat in the Italian match-fixing scandal.Conte’s appeal against his 10-month ban for his role in the scandal was rejected Wednesday by the Italian football federation.In a specially called news conference on Thursday, Conte says “I am the object of slanderous accusations, to make me out to be the public face of a football betting scandal.”The federation’s disciplinary committee confirmed the guilty finding for failing to report match-fixing in Albinoleffe’s match against Siena during the 2010-11 season, when Conte was coach of then-Serie B team Siena. It threw out the guilty finding in a second game that season — against Novara — but maintained the 10-month sentence.last_img read more

Ski Season on Jahorina Mountain officially opened

first_imgIn the afternoon hours, a system of artificial snowing started working on Jahorina Mountain. From Sunday, Jahorina Mountain will become a place where snow and skiing are guaranteed, and this mountain will provide, for the first time in history, a total of 120 days of skiing.Director of the Jahorina Olympic Center Dejan Ljevnaic said that the system for artificial snowing and mobile cannons that are used are currently the number one in the world.“Only a system for artificial snow is not a guarantee of good work and success. We have been working, during the whole summer, on the preparation of the slopes, the construction of new and reconstruction of the existing ones that had to be done according to the FIS standards,” Ljevnaic stated.The Jahorina Olympic Center was the first in the region to open a winter skiing season and all visitors have until December 16th a discount of 70%, paying the daily ticket price 13,20 BAM.The six-seater Poljice for the panorama ride is currently in operation, as well as Poljice ski-lift and ski-school Poljice for the youngest skiers.The snow level on the slopes is between 15 and 30 centimeters, prepared in combination with natural and artificial snow.last_img read more

Minnesota Wild to host 2021 Winter Classic at Target Field

first_img“[Minnesota Wild owner] Craig Leipold has been, to say persistent would be a gross understatement, over the last few years wanting to host a Winter Classic, and we’re excited to go,” Bettman said during the second intermission of Wednesday’s game via “My guess is the temperature there is about 30 degrees cooler than it is here right now (54.9 Fahrenheit), but it should make for a great experience in the State of Hockey.”MORE: Ben Bishop, Dallas Stars defeat Nashville Predators in 2020 NHL Winter ClassicThe @mnwild will host the 2021 #WinterClassic in Minneapolis at Target Field!— NHL on NBC (@NHLonNBCSports) January 1, 2020The game will be Minnesota’s first appearance in the Winter Classic and and the second time the Wild will play in a regular season outdoor game; the Wild hosted the Chicago Blackhawks at TFC Bank Stadium on Feb. 21, 2016 as part of the league’s Stadium Series. “The Minnesota Wild is truly honored to be selected to host the 2021 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic,” Leipold said in a statement. “Target Field is a fantastic ballpark and there is no better place for the NHL’s marquee event than right here in the State of Hockey. We are grateful for the opportunity to treat our fans to an incredibly unique and exciting experience celebrating our favorite game and would like to thank NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman for his support and the Minnesota Twins organization for their help in securing this event.”While the host team for next year’s game has been selected, the league has not yet decided which team the Wild will play on New Year’s Day 2021. Bettman told reporters that Minnesota’s opponent will be announced in the next few months.”We are focused on a few teams, and we’re under no immediate pressure to make a decision,” he said. “We have plenty of really good candidates for this game. It’s not a one-shot decision based on one factor. We look at a whole host of things: rivalries, who’s playing well, geography, and that goes in the rivalry sense. What we think will make sense. Will some teams travel better than others to a particular market? That’s how we look at it.” Before the 2020 Winter Classic between the Nashville Predators and Dallas Stars finished up, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman revealed the location of next year’s marquee regular season event.The Minnesota Wild are set to host the 2021 Winter Classic on Jan. 1, 2021 at Target Field in Minneapolis — otherwise known as the home of MLB’s Minnesota Twins.last_img read more

Concern over erection of huge telecoms mast in Bundoran

first_imgThe erection of a towering telecoms mast on the outskirts of Bundoran has upset locals.The 5G antenna was erected close to the graveyard.Locals claim the mast was erected without any public consultation and they are claiming the mast could have various health implications for locals. The mast is due to go live in June.A petition for the removal of the mast has been signed by more than 150 people already.The petition against the mast has appealed to locals to have their say.A spokesperson said “Because there is not gold standard research on whether 5G definitely does or does not negatively impact human health the local community and our children are the guinea pigs in an experiment we have no way of determining the outcome of. “If you would like to see the antenna removed before it goes live in June 2019 please sign and share this petition. Let’s send a strong mandate to the candidates in the upcoming election on what is important to the people of Bundoran.”The petition against the mast can be viewed at over erection of huge telecoms mast in Bundoran was last modified: May 7th, 2019 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:bundorandonegalfearshealthmastlast_img read more

Darwinians Gloat Over Political Power

first_imgWith media behind them, they can spout their talking points without controversy, while weak politicians only appease their critics.If David Johnson is right, politicians put up with conservative efforts to put up anti-evolution bills only to appease their religious constituents. Johnson, a postdoc at Rice University, looked into the outcomes of  “anti-evolution curricular challenges” in various states. According to PhysOrg, only 25% of bills under consideration passed out of committee, and only two states–Louisiana and Tennessee—succeeded in getting laws passed.Johnson added that while increased conservative Protestant adherence does lead to increased anti-evolution attitudes and activity among creation science interest groups, these outcomes are statistically unrelated to consideration of anti-evolution bills in state legislatures. This led him and his co-authors to theorize that the low rate of success in turning anti-evolution education bills into laws suggests that legislators may continue to push these reforms not because they expect success, but to mollify religious constituents.Johnson’s own biases are clear from his statement:“There is no scientific debate about the fundamentals of evolution,” he said. “And the best social scientific research shows that religious and nonreligious individuals are, overall, quite similar in their orientation to science. There are better ways to represent the values of religious communities: These bills create a misleading impression of conflict between science and religion and threaten the quality of education in public schools.“Sound familiar? Those are some of the same arguments made by Bill Nye when he debated Ken Ham. No debate exists, he said, and creation threatens education.This is why you never let totalitarians gain control of anything. They offer you “one man, one vote, one time.” When the Darwinazis gain control of scientific societies, legislatures and school boards, they lock the doors behind them. Of course there is no scientific debate in their wholly-dominated institutions; you have to be a Darwinazi wearing a D-Merit Badge to get in. Who was for teaching both sides? The despised creationists!Here’s how to understand Johnson’s statement, “There is no scientific debate about the fundamentals of evolution.” What are the fundamentals of evolution? Mutation and natural selection. Mutation is chance, a word equivalent to “stuff happens.” Natural selection is chance, a phrase equivalent to “stuff happens” – because neither the environment nor “selection pressures” (whatever they are) have any direction, purpose, or plan. Let SH stand for “stuff happens.” According to the math for chance, SH + SH does not equal 2SH, it equals SH. Johnson’s statement reduces to this: “There is no scientific debate that stuff happens.” Of course that is true; nobody disagrees that stuff happens. But is that science? Is that a logical explanation for wings, eyes and brains? Is that what schools should teach? Of course not. His statement is a clear example of a meaningless talking point. If Johnson were concerned with the quality of science education, he would advocate ditching Darwin (see 10/03/15) and seeking true causes for phenomena that look designed.What about the “misleading impression of conflict between science and religion” he spoke of? It wasn’t Christians, Protestants, or interest groups that created the impression: it was Darwinazis like Andrew White and John Draper who started that meme. The Christian founders of science viewed their work as seeking the mind of God; no conflict at all. Posing “science” vs “religion” is a false dichotomy. To creationists, the conflict is between good science (intelligent design) and bad science (Darwin’s Stuff Happens Law that builds minds out of hydrogen). And it’s a conflict between good religion (trust in a Designer intelligent enough and powerful enough to bring the world into being) and bad religion (big-bang-to-man theory, with no causation, no purpose, and no meaning). By all means, don’t fall into the trap of framing the debate like they do as ‘science vs religion.’ If you do, you’ve lost before you started. Read this about “science” from Evolution News & Views.With these points in mind, you are ready to evaluate whether creation threatens the quality of education in public schools. Should children learn about adequate causes and effects, or throw up their hands like Darwin and say “stuff happens”? Should they learn about observable, repeatable, testable facts, or learn how to tell just-so stories? Should they learn logic, or imbibe self-refuting ideologies? That’s how you should frame the debate.Some “anti-evolution” groups like the Discovery Institute do not advocate teaching intelligent design at all, let alone creation science. They would be content to get schools to teach Darwinian evolution honestly, not the uncritical whitewashed version with the flawed icons used to illustrate it. They agree with Darwin: “A fair result can only be obtained by fully stating the facts and arguments on both sides of each question” (see Academic Freedom Day). Amen! (Too bad Darwin failed to do that in The Origin, a fact he admitted in the preface.) Hold this Darwin quote in the face of the Darwinazis and tell them to obey it. Tell them science is not about consensus. Tell them they are closed-minded bigots for refusing to consider challenges to their atheistic religion.Johnson is able to label Darwin skeptics as “interest groups” because his interest group has power. For the same reason conspiracies never prosper (because if they prosper, none dare call them conspiracies), interest groups never prosper, because when they do, they cease being called interest groups. They become The Consensus. “All scientists agree” that “there is no scientific debate” about the fundamentals of Stuff Happens. You have to get outside the fogma to see through this rhetorical trick.Darwinazi John Tyndall, one of Charlie’s X-club co-conspirators, said this to the British Association in 1874:“The impregnable position of science may be described in a few words. We claim, and we shall wrest from theology, the entire field of cosmological theory. All schemes and systems which thus infringe upon the domain of science must, in so far as they do this, submit to its control, and relinquish all thought of controlling it.”  [See James Clerk Maxwell’s poetic response to Tyndall’s insufferable chutzpah in our 8/10/2005 commentary.]That’s not science. That’s not education. It’s totalitarianism. It’s scientism pretending to be helping the children, but determined to rule the world. Don’t be fooled. The Darwinazis have had power for a long time, but that’s no reason to become a DODO like them, pushing DOPE. It took a long time to end slavery, too. Keep the heat on, and if your representatives put on the appeasement facade but won’t challenge the Darwinazis, vote the rascals out.(Visited 14 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

South Africa’s Public Protector

first_imgThe Public Protector was set up in terms of South Africa’s Constitution to investigate complaints against government agencies or officials.The Public Protector is subject only to the Constitution and the law and is independent of government and any political party. Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane is South Africa’s fourth Public Protector since October 2016. (Image: Public Protector, Facebook)Here’s a comprehensive guide to how the process works, who and what the Public Protector can investigate, and how to lay a complaint.The Public Protector receives and investigates complaints from the public against government agencies or officials, and has the power to recommend corrective action and to issue reports.The Public Protector’s services are free and available to all and, if you lay a complaint, your name will so far as possible be kept confidential.The Public Protector is appointed by the President, on the recommendation of the National Assembly, in terms of the Constitution, for a non-renewable period of seven years.Website: Public Protector is subject only to the Constitution and the law and is independent of government and any political party. No person or organ of state may interfere with the functioning of the Public Protector’s office.How does the Public Protector work?Anyone can complain to the Public Protector, who will then investigate the complaint. Think of the Public Protector as a referee who can look at all sides of a problem. If the Public Protector finds that your complaint is justified, he/she will do whatever possible to find a solution to the problem, which includes recommending changes to the system.The Public Protector can also report the matter to Parliament, which will debate the matter and see to it that the recommendations are followed.Investigations are mostly done informally, but the Public Protector can summons people to give evidence under oath or affirmation when this becomes necessary.Complainants should not fear being victimized for “blowing the whistle” on corrupt or improper practices.All information that comes to Public Protector – including the identity of complainants and their sources of information – is treated as confidential.Who can the Public Protector investigate?The Public Protector is independent of government or political parties and can investigate:Government at any level. This includes central and provincial government, state departments and local authorities.Any person performing a public function. This includes anyone performing any official duty which affects South Africans, for example a state employee such as a policeman or an electoral officer.Corporations or companies where the state is involved, for example Eskom and Telkom.Statutory councils, for example the Human Sciences Research Council or the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.What can the Public Protector investigate?The Public Protector is tasked with investigating improper prejudice suffered by the complainant or another person, for example as a result of:Abuse of power.Unfair, capricious, discourteous or other improper conduct.Undue delay.The violation of a human right.Any other decision taken, or situation brought about, by the authorities.Maladministration.Dishonesty or improper dealings with respect to public money.Improper enrichment.Receipt of improper advantage.What won’t the Public Protector investigate?Complaints outside of the Public Protector’s mandate include:Judgments by judges and magistrates, including sentences imposed by them.Private acts by individuals.Private companies.Doctors or lawyers who are not working for the state.However, the staff of the Public Protector can help by telling you where to complain or what to do in such cases.In certain cases the Public Protector may refer you to a court of law where going to court is the best way to deal with the problem. Since the Public Protector does not act as anyone’s legal representative, you will be referred to a lawyer if the matter must go to court.How do I lay a complaint?Should your complaint be about prejudice, you should try to solve the problem yourself before complaining to the Public Protector, for example by:Speaking to the official(s) involved; or, if that does not helpWriting to the person in charge of the official(s), for example the head of the department, or the chief executive director, or the town clerk.You could also consider approaching your Member of the National or Provincial Parliament. Only then, if you are still unable to solve the problem, should you make a submission to the Public Protector. You can do this by:Toll free line: 0800 11 20 40Customer service line: (012) 366-7142Email: [email protected] in an online formThe following information should be contained in your submission:The nature of your complaint.The background to your complaint.Reasons why you feel your complaint should be investigated by the Public Protector.Steps you have taken to solve the problem yourself (if applicable). You should mention names of the officials you have been dealing with, on what dates, and what was said. Copies of any correspondence between you and the officials should be attached to your letter.A telephone number where you can be contacted, if you have one.In some instances the Public Protector may require a statement under oath before investigating.If you are unsure whether your problem is something the Public Protector will investigate, or if you cannot write, you can phone the Public Protector’s office on 0800 11 20 40 (toll free), or visit for other numbers. There are trained professional staff members who will listen to your complaint, big or small, and conduct investigations.In some cases the staff can help people to find quick solutions to their problems. The staff can also tell you where to complain if the Public Protector cannot help you.You could also visit the office for an interview or a consultation, if you prefer. It is better to write first and ask for an interview in the letter.Who is South Africa’s Public Protector?Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane became South Africa’s fourth Public Protector in October 2016. She was appointed by President Jacob Zuma, after being recommended by a special parliamentary committee.Mkhwebane is an advocate of the high court and a specialist in refugee and immigration law. She has held positions in the Department of Home Affairs and the South African embassy in the Republic of China. She previously also worked in the Office of the Public Protector as a senior investigator and an acting provincial director for Gauteng. Mkhwebane was also a senior researcher at the South African Human Rights Commission.Mkhwebane replaced Advocate Thulisile Madonsela, who completed her term in October 2016. Madonsela replaced Advocate Lawrence Mushwana, who completed his seven-year term as Public Protector on 16 October 2009. South Africa’s first Public Protector, Advocate Selby Baqwa, served from 1995 to 2002.Updated October 2016Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

Are Smartwatches For Real Or A Head Fake?

first_imgThe road to wearable watches has been long and bumpy, leading some to wonder whether this technology will ever be deployed.The Financial Times is reporting that Apple is “aggressively” hiring team members to work on the so-called iWatch.The company has begun hiring “aggressively” for the project in recent weeks, say people familiar with Apple’s plans for the wearable device, a move that shows it has stepped up development but which raises questions over the ability of its own engineers to develop wearable technology.Meanwhile, The Verge is reporting that Microsoft’s existing smartwatch team is being re-organized into the Microsoft Surface team.Sources familiar with Microsoft’s Surface plans have revealed to The Verge that the company is now prototyping devices directly under the Surface team as the firm moves its wrist-worn device closer to reality.This move is part of Microsoft’s larger reorganization, but it underlines the seriousness with which Microsoft is giving the prospect of a smartwatch project.Clearly, the two tech companies haven’t consulted with our esteemed leader, who has his own objections to the notion of wearable computers on wrists. But beyond the market drivers for wearable computers, the constant buildup and positioning does lead us to wonder if a true smartwatch is even possible.The surge towards wearable computing devices is capturing a lot of attention among the major tech companies, as no one seems to want to be the one to get caught without a decent wearable device. To date, Apple, Microsoft and Samsung seem to be taking the path towards watches, while Google experiments with the Glass device.See also Arm Race: Samsung To Build A Smartwatch TooWhat remains to be seen is whether any of these devices will actually get built. Sometimes the whole “arm race” to launch a smart wrist device has the feel of the end of another arms race, when U.S. President Ronald Reagan proposed the Strategic Defense Initiative in 1983.SDI, derisively known as “Star Wars,” would be strongly criticized in the Western media, but taken seriously by the Soviet Union as a viable challenge to the centerpiece Mutual Assured Destruction strategy of the Cold War. The USSR would spend billions to try to counter such a project which would supposedly contribute to the military overspending that would lead to the collapse of the USSR.History is unclear whether Reagan was simply bluffing the Soviets, but there is a strong case that he was. Similarly, there is a strong sense of history repeating itself when we see leaked plans for smart watches from companies like Apple. Is the iWatch really on its way, or is this all one big plan to distract other companies from making better progress in the tablet and smartphone sectors?Image courtesy of Shutterstock. Tags:#Apple#Google#Microsoft#Samsung#smartwatch Related Posts Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces brian proffittcenter_img What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more