Netflix Rim of the World Movie Trailer Teases Summer Alien Invasion

first_img Stranger Things is returning to Netflix this summer, however, there is a new sci-fi film that can keep you busy while you wait for the series’ third season: Netflix just shared a trailer for Rim of the World, a movie that follows four misfit campers who must stay together and battle extraterrestrials during a freak alien invasion.Rim of the World, which is directed by McG (The Babysitter, Charlie’s Angels) and written by Zack Stentz (Thor, X-Men: First Class), does have Stranger Things vibes, but instead of Demogorgons, a group of kids are ambushed by otherworldly creatures, which almost wipe out civilization when they arrive, and they have to survive the apocalyptic incident. The movie, which stars School of Rock’s Tony Cavalero and The Kids Are Alright’s Jack Gore, hits Netflix on May 24. Alex, a young guy, is not happy about attending summer camp, however, his mom (Annabeth Gish who was in The Haunting of Hill House) insists that he will have a good time. While he’s hanging out with his friends at Rim of the World Adventure Camp, strange orbs of light hit the horizon, followed by jet-like spacecraft. One of Alex’s friends says, “it’s Independence Day,” and he may actually be right.After a crazy escape from some grotesque-looking creatures, Alex and his squad realize that they’re all by themselves without a human in sight. Together, they take a couple of bikes and try to travel to find help and  reunite with their families. Along the way though, they’ll have to engage in survival skills, learn how to drive, and make sure a mysterious key doesn’t get in the hands of anyone else on their way to safety.More on New Anime to Stream on Netflix in 2019Obama’s Production Company Reveals Upcoming Netflix ContentNetflix Films Can Still Win Oscars (For Now) What to Stream on Netflix This Weekend11 Other Old-School Nick Shows That Should Get Netflix Movies Stay on targetlast_img read more