now many people shop business is a complete copy, not only their own characteristics, also don’t know according to the needs of the market for innovation, leading industry only one shop stores the thousands on thousands of, not only the fierce competition, to succeed will face bigger problems. So, if you want to run a stationery store, business practices may need to live"!

do chain stores, in order to facilitate customer recognition and brand building, there is a common practice, uniform store design and decoration, a unified marketing model. But as a stationery shop owner, Li Xiaoxi did not do, although it is his stationery shop chain in nature, but he did not take a unified decoration pattern, but with the same goods and consumer groups, according to the environment and the choices of different decoration style. For example, near the primary school branch in the decoration design will highlight interesting, let the children see generally want to go around.

and close to organs, University City stores, highlighting the cultural atmosphere, giving people a sense of quiet elegance. Because each store on the lintel has a zoom feature, this personalized mode of operation does not weaken "brand and market recognition effect, stationery shop". In addition, each store’s business hours are not uniform, for customers to adjust and change the different schedules.

according to customer purchase pricing, expand product price range. Some styles of wholesale stores in the price range of products are relatively large, such as a pen, from a few dollars to more than a dozen dollars; basketball is as low as ten yuan, up to three hundred or four hundred yuan. Lee Creek’s words, is to meet different customers with different grades.

for the stationery industry, loss is a big problem in cost control. Due to the continuous emergence of new stationery, the impact of the market, a stationery placed on the shelf for one or two weeks can not sell, it may not sell out. According to industry estimates, and now the industry as a whole, the average rate of more than 10%, even if the control is good, the business is more prosperous shop, attrition rate is also in the range of 2% ~ 3%. The higher loss rate determines that the industry must take effective measures to promote sales.

Li Xiaoxi is not unified in the promotions, each shop means one after another. Some stores to carry out discount sales, and some shop to buy a send one, and some for students and other consumer groups to launch business…… Li Xiaoxi said: "the promotion is not general promotions, can not be too simple, too simple, the promotion will become free. It can make some integral cards, it will be presented to the customer, especially students, as long as you tell them, then take this card to the store shopping, spending 1 yuan each, will be able to accumulate 1 points, up to 20 points have small gifts, up to 50 points, 100 points and better a gift.

students are easy to meet, get small >

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