in modern society, environmental protection has become a huge industry, at the same time every year, there will be a lot of investors will invest in the environmental protection industry in the eyes, then opened a green products store now, should be how to location?

third stores: environmental cost accounting. Chain store cost accounting believe I do not have to say. But one thing should be noted: the success of chain stores is to use the marginal benefits of economies of scale, while some of the location of the store is far away from the central warehouse, especially just over the day of the truck trip.

Fourth stores: environmental protection and traffic conditions, a large store in decided to lease the usual practice is to discuss the new transport links with the local government. If it is easy to see a store or shop in the distance or at least drive through, as the location of its advantages will be enhanced, obviously the store is actually a kind of advertising, it can make people stop because of impulsive.


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