according to buy navigation website group 800 monitoring data, in 2012 there were a total of 11 buy closed, this is the second consecutive month to buy the site to reduce the number of basic in the two digits.

had 1-4 months, the number of buy site net reduction in the number of more than 100. According to statistics, compared to the heyday of group buying site has been reduced by 42.5%.

closed down to two digits per month

According to the independent

navigation site 800 data, in October this year, a total of 11 group purchase group purchase website whole number close to 2908, compared to August last year, the heyday of the 5058, has been reduced by 2150, a decrease of 42.5%.

September 2011, buy the site suddenly began to set off a wave of collapse, the net decrease of over 1000. Since then, the size of each month to buy the site closed down, many hundreds, less than ten.

since May of this year, the number of buy site has been 6 consecutive months, the number of net monthly reduction in the basic figure in the number of two. Prior to 4 months, basically a net decrease in the number of months in more than 100, of which a net decrease of March in, a net decrease of 217 in April.

group 800 co-founder Hu Chen said that the real large buy site currently only 8-10.

he believes that a large number of the previous decline is the hope to replicate the large group buying site, the United States and other places to buy the site model, but because of the capital of winter, the flow factor died.

now reduces the factors of slowing down, one is the rest of the group purchase many belonging to the public service category of small business, not affected by the environment, it can still survive, two is the recent portrait photography class group purchase is booming, offset the downward trend.

buy network brand credibility impaired

and buy the site is accompanied by the winter business, a large number of consumer complaints. Who has been stationed in 24 ticket merchant told reporters at the end of last year began to be in arrears, a total of 5000 yuan, up to now "also do not deny". While other closed group buying site is also facing a similar dilemma.

in this regard, Hu Chen said that due to the current downturn in the overall gross margin and competition, resulting in group purchase site’s revenue has been, for operational control and cash flow in this case becomes higher.

"is a new business connection with group purchase group purchase website, businesses and consumers three party relations, can not solve contradictions and management, will not only damage the interests of consumers and businesses, will be on its own credibility brand group purchase website caused irreparable damage." Hu Chen said.

In the case of

lunch no longer updated

yesterday, users wxd-raul post on the forum to buy said, did not see a long time to buy the site to update the content of the group to buy lunch, assessment

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