[Abstract] the Internet is not a panacea, the core of the traditional industry is still the key determinant of its development.

Tencent technology Liu Yalan reported on December 10th

this year, 37 year old sister, as a leader of the crowd is often said group head for nearly five years. This five years, the Internet is changing fastest for five years, but in the heart sister view, TV drama group play the industry does not have what change, "when hiring the message hanging in the online, using QQ group to win often borrow work group play, these methods have already been made, feeling actors and the Internet little."

University Science Photography Wang Zhen in 2013 after graduating from at the beginning of each crew "". In the past two years, he enjoys the convenience of the Internet era in life, but he did not think there was any major change in the work. "Machine or equipment, the shooting method is also those techniques. I feel like my life is to enjoy the Internet bonus, such as payment, travel, but in the filming of the drama, we still follow the methods of work, in the past to tell the truth, not what the relationship and the internet."

as they say, the Internet is not a panacea, the core of the traditional industry is still the key determinant of its development, but the corresponding industry role downstream in the Internet has changed turn the world upside down. Even the same drama, at different times have different dispersing way, and the TV drama in addition to "play" itself, but also in the Internet under the guidance of opening the door of interactive video tour.

content source changed: the network IP play up to

from the source point of view, the source of the TV drama has changed. Screenwriter desalination, IP enhanced, while the network IP is more and more attention. But this year, the market response is good TV drama "," flower and bone "energy-saving", "Nirvana in Fire", "Mi months pass are network literature" IP TV drama.

many television industry sources also said the current content of the TV drama has more Internet temperament, the Internet culture is permeated with the television industry.

director Cao Ping said, people have to keep pace with the times, literary and artistic creation must also consider the Internet thinking, so that we can understand the audience preferences. The Shanghai Television Festival head Tang Lijun also believes that the traditional media thinking to PC Internet thinking, and then to the mobile Internet thinking, is a trend. "We are the first in the world in Chinese, the pace of development of new media, film and television so we need to establish a fragmentation of thinking and thinking with our fans, the audience in the shortest time to establish he thrilled to the topic, we define the concept and the value of film and television works and advocates, stimulate their sense of participation."

channels of publicity and change: video sites can not be

and the Internet for TV drama and the biggest change to the number of channels, from the beginning of the TV series by the TV station.

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