live off the eyes, really good business model can affect more user decisions, and upgrade it to transfer a one-stop service platform from the channel model, the establishment of the new business logic is confirmed.


Liang Weiping feels a little weird.

2013, live off the client’s mobile traffic accounted for nearly 50% of the total traffic, even more than the number of weekend hours. Looking for a room in the App market, live off wireless applications accounted for 70% of the market share. This is much faster than imagined things — 2011, live off CEO Liang Weiping has been more aggressive than their counterparts on the mobile Internet, his prediction is that, "more than half the flow of time" will occur in 2015.

compared to the overwhelming trend of mobile, judgment is more important. In fact, the real estate industry over the past few decades, the change is not much, the biggest change from the Internet industry technology, from the portal 1 to 2 of the Internet sales model, and then to the mobile internet. Inside the company, Liang Weiping has been stressed that live off is a mobile Internet Co.

and the changes that are taking place are more than that. The company was founded in 2007, started to second-hand housing real estate rental houses, rental platform is force and other new businesses, and large data base in the mobile Internet, through the background analysis into service specific programs, the intermediary channel mode upgrade to a one-stop service habitat.

mobile + new house battle

, we say that optimistic about the move, it looks like the same, but behind the trend and the business model of the concept of change is very different." Liang Weiping outspoken.


mobile terminal potential energy release due to its natural gene is also different from PC: one is mobility, two shooting, three is the location attribute is four including interactive telephone, anjuke mobile terminal is the ability to combine the outbreak, with a mobile phone to find a house, need to combine the location information. In the process of a key to dial the phone brokers can shoot house and the surrounding environment of the picture, "these are connected, the mobile terminal can only, instead of Web." He said, and these characteristics are associated with off line.

most of the data on the real estate industry has come from market research, head, do a lot of reasoning. Shift to the center of gravity so that the company really opened the door to big data.

, for example, people in Beijing to find a room, live off the demand for housing to find a strong position for analysis, and provide reference for developers. Developers want to know where to get, what kind of house cover, how Fangxing ratio, which can be analyzed from the use of live off APP data." Liang Weiping said. In Shanghai, for example, the mobile terminal data show that the first peak of the daily use of the client is in the morning, and later the company found

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