JINGWAH times (reporter Zhang Shuling) this year, 25 year old Zhang illegal use of Trojan horse program to control the 68 servers, steal traffic, and then leased to others to attack the network. Recently, Zhang suspicion of the crime of illegal control of computer information system crime in the Chaoyang Court trial in court, and was sentenced to 1 years imprisonment, fined 20 thousand yuan.

Chaoyang District procuratorate accused, from March 2015 to August, Zhang repeatedly used to scan the chicken (also known as the puppet machine, refers to the machine can be remotely controlled by hackers). For example, the use of Gray dove and so on to induce customers to click on the computer or hackers compromised or the user’s computer has been implanted in a Trojan, hackers can manipulate it and use it to do anything. "Broiler" is often used as a DDOS attack. The server program on the Internet) scan for open ports, brute force login password through the password dictionary, upload trojan virus, 68 servers into a "chicken", and will be selling these "fryer" flow. Chaoyang District procuratorate believes that the crime of illegal control of computer information systems should be held criminally responsible zhang. In the face of alleged facts and charges, Zhang pleaded guilty to repentance.

the incident was due to the alarm of a Mdt InfoTech Ltd in Shanghai. Mr. Fang said the company, which is responsible for the maintenance of network security, the company’s servers in a park in Beijing telecommunications room. July 24, 2015 11 am, he found that the server is very slow speed, the query found that there are a large number of exception procedures for system resources and bandwidth. After further inquiries Fang confirmed that the server was illegally invaded and controlled, then reported to the police. The police arrested Zhang on August 4, 2015.

Zhang in the public security organs questioned said that he never graduated from junior high school drop out, the first is to work in a construction site, a network management system in Chengdu in 2010 2011 to enter the Internet, Foxconn office, 2012 went to a bar in Chengdu in 2014 to work, leaving the bar after unemployed.

Zhang said that their economic conditions are not good. The 63 year old father paralyzed in his hometown of Sichuan, at the age of 17, his mother left home disappear without a trace. Is a friend introduced and taught him to do this line, which is the source of life at home. Zhang said that by selling "fryer" traffic every day can earn 300 to 500 yuan.

Chaoyang Court after hearing that Zhang’s behavior constituted the crime of illegal control of computer information systems, but in view of Zhang truthfully confessed their crimes, so a lighter punishment, sentenced Zhang was sentenced to 1 years imprisonment and fined 20 thousand yuan. After the verdict, Zhang said the judge, not appeal.

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