[Abstract] for Wang Dong Lei 400 million yuan gambling charges, Wu Changjiang denied, said he had two years have not been to the casino.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on August 11th

around for more and NVC founder Wu Changjiang and the controlling shareholder of BDO more fierce, this afternoon, NVC founder Wu Changjiang and the controlling shareholder of BDO Runda held a press conference in Chongqing and Beijing.

Elec-Tech chairman Wang Donglei at the conference pointed out, but now regret too little attention to the original NVC affairs. When Wu Changjiang was on the verge of bankruptcy, and Elec-Tech through the acquisition of NVC 580 million shares, worth HK $400 million, making it from bankruptcy.

talked about the recent storm, Wang Donglei said, I had too much faith in him." Wang Donglei broke the news that Wu Changjiang owed 4 hundred million gambling debt, the interest every month more than 10 million, every day was run. Wang Donglei is still on the scene broadcast to the media recording.

previously, Wang Donglei issued to employees "employee notification". The message to Wang Donglei, chairman and CEO of NVC identity, Wu Changjiang tells the story of many private company brand licensing, alleged transfer of benefits, appropriation and fraud in the capital of the company, so the board decided to dismiss the position left and that Wu Changjiang is conducive to the development of Shi lei.

Wu Changjiang in Chongqing pointed out that in 2012 when Wang Donglei entered the NVC, the two sides signed a gentleman’s agreement "by Wu Changjiang do two BDO shareholders, but does not interfere with the specific affairs Wu bdo. Wang Donglei NVC shareholders, but the specific operation does not interfere with the nvc. However, this "a gentleman’s agreement" has not been very good to comply with.

Wu Changjiang said, "he love unauthorized, unauthorized management constantly, management caused dissatisfaction, last year, Wang Donglei forced to source products should be transferred to BDO, director Mu Yu does not agree, he hold a grudge, and later to fire him, but I strongly disagree."

Wu Changjiang appeared in the BDO BDO is saved, all financial condition is very poor, if not 2012 BDO will collapse, and Peter Ho NVC large scale, Wu himself Peter Howe influence mostly, but they would rather do two shareholders, is constantly in the back.

"Wang Donglei smite, I have not been to Macao and other casinos for more than 2 years." Wu Changjiang has again denied gambling rumors, said to check the phone records. Wang said he did not want to make their own financing, Wu Youda’s commercial real estate projects are in need of funds.

analysts pointed out that the contradiction between Wu Changjiang and the controlling shareholder of BDO Runda today, the nature of the problem or NVC who say, NVC was once Wu Changjiang’s Kingdom, but will Elec-Tech Wu forces from NVC removed.

The following is

BDO Runda chairman Wang Donglei answered media questions:

Wang Donglei: I now is the identity of the NVC board.

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