to become the online version of the TV shopping; into the game field, so that social games really become a reality; with the 4G era, to build enterprise class video conferencing system…… And so on, all need to be listed to enhance R & D and operational capabilities, and reduce risk. And above all, in fact, have a try in the video show, just a mouthful.


text / Zhang Yi

Internet companies IPO, there are too many to continue the same pattern: storytelling. The most typical is still tangled in the profitability of the video sites who are still strong rely on storytelling to win the survival of capital. Another form of online video, video show, the muffled large fortune after many years, also began to seek listing from YY successfully listed in the United States after rumors 9158, six rooms also began planning their IPO road. However, strong profitability, it can not tell the story is also IPO it?

video show the film "grass root economy"

YY, 9158, six rooms and other videos show the largest listed capital is strong profitability. This video website to sell the copyright, and high-profile high-profile burning money form just two extremes. Only recently came to Hong Kong listed video show the originator of 9158, nearly 2 years of business receipts in the 1 billion grade said, the video chat mode and even some cash strapped small video website for reference, become the basis for transformation and live.

video show life is actually very simple, according to the 9158 CEO Fu Zhengjun saying: "9158 is the discount KTV, popular entertainment show". In fact, in my opinion, the 9158 play is a fan of the economy, to some extent, the same user base and the balance of treasure, but the latter is to save money, the former is fun. According to media reports, the 9158 has 30 million active users online at the same time, the number of up to 700 thousand. From here, it is easy to see 9158 of the audience base.

and six rooms in the video show the success, also can be regarded as a big reversal. In the fierce competition in the video site, the first transformation of the six rooms. Based on the similar pattern shows in 9158, to find the money, six rooms CEO Liu Yan has revealed that 2013 revenue could reach 3-4 billion yuan, mostly from the charging items.

differentiated social network

video show hot, and one of the key factors, namely the social network. And WeChat in the circle of acquaintances, YY and 9158 other video show is to strangers, is taking the mask under the mode of fun. This is different from the traditional such as micro-blog, BBS and semi acquaintance or a stranger like "friends circle".

this is tantamount to a kind of emotional release, is to take the road of differentiation, naturally there will be a different social effects. As a result, 9158, six rooms, YY and so on, there is no more than the traditional >

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