A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) July 20th news, recently, there is news that the rumors of Baidu shares of the people’s network has been settled, the amount of investment will be between 2 billion -30 billion yuan, the proportion of shares is not clear.


does not have a clear message to confirm the Baidu stake in the people network, but Baidu speed O2O urgency known. BAT, a Tencent invested public comment and 58 city, which occupies part of Ali beauty group stake in Alipay to control a mobile payment entrance to build "reputation" the life service platform. In contrast, Baidu, just resurrected its Baidu Nuomi, but there is no other brand platform support.

people belonging to the network of classified information website, the business scope covers the free search and release of second-hand goods trading, the sale of second-hand car, housing rental, recruitment, dating activities, pet adoption, life and other local life information service  .

in the field of classified information website, currently only three survived, 58 city and Ganji, and relatively smaller people network. In April this year and has 58 city and ganji. In January of this year, the people’s network announced the completion of the D round of financing, financing amount of nearly $100 million. At that time, people network CEO Wang Jianshuo said that the round of financing is mainly used in the field of used cars, mobile terminal and enhance the user experience.

experienced a wild development, industry reshuffle, fierce competition, gradually forming the basic pattern of classification of news, 58 city and Ganji occupy most of the market share, people just a little bit worse, occupy the market share of less than 20%. Too much to linger in the horizontal competition enclosure, for classification of information platform seems to have little significance, turning more and more space for the broad market increment is a new development direction.

and Baidu’s strategic investment, for the people of the network is also a leap forward development opportunities, which can be directly used by Baidu’s traffic. Classification is a mass market, is the flow of business, whether there is a good way to get traffic, the development of classified information website is crucial. People network with the support of Baidu traffic, which is conducive to the expansion of the size of the user, which is the most important factor in the development of the people network light mode. On the other hand, can also refer to the synergistic effect of where and Baidu, bigger and stronger, and ultimately to 58 go beyond.

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