by the Taiwan regulatory review Tencent faces divestment process

[TechWeb] reported on June 16th news, according to Taiwan, "Wang Bao" English edition reported that the Tencent subsidiary in Taiwan will face Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Investment Commission (hereinafter referred to as the "Investment Commission") review, to check whether the business within the approved scope, if the violation will be in accordance with the law of light, heavy it will require divestment from Taiwan.

Investment Commission said in June 8th, the Tencent registered in mainland Chinese identity in the table company, but its approved business did not cover the instant chat application of WeChat, if the chat application engaged in some business activities without approval, the company will face punishment or even be expelled from Taiwan.

previously, Alibaba and taobao.com was considered to conceal the identity of land owned by a penalty and require divestment. June 8th, Taiwan, the Legislative Yuan Economic Committee also invited the Ministry of economic affairs, land authority, the National Security Bureau and other relevant departments on the current situation of investment in Taiwan funded investment projects made a report.


"legislators" Qiu Yiying: WeChat more than 6 million users in Taiwan, and belongs to the mainland enterprises, under the Taiwan authorities of WeChat are not familiar with the situation, information security is obviously a problem.

Investment Commission Executive Secretary Zhang Mingbin said afterwards, the Tencent subsidiaries in Hong Kong in June 2012 to "Pa, the Investment Commission for. Tencent, although listed in Hongkong, and the majority of its holdings outside the capital, but the situation is similar to Alibaba, Lu owned holding capacity, it can be identified as belonging to the land. Tencent in Taiwan had approved business did not mention WeChat business, "the Investment Commission doubts on this part, the need to check.

Zhang Mingbin said, "the Investment Commission will confirm in Hong Kong in business is approved in the PA range, if violations will be dealt with according to law.

in accordance with the relevant provisions, will be fined NT $120 thousand (RMB 24 thousand) more than 600 thousand new Taiwan dollars (about 120 thousand yuan) fine. The most serious will require a deadline to withdraw investment. He also stressed that if sanctions still depends on the audit results as following.

Alibaba in May this year, to re apply for the establishment of identity land owned subsidiary in Taiwan, but the Investment Commission before the request file. Zhang Mingbin said that the current Alibaba file has not been filled, for the same requirements by the divestment of taobao.com, he said that the future of new investment can re apply, but is still approved to apply through the relevant provisions.


Alibaba has been fined 12 million NT dollars ($3900), taking into account the Alibaba of the company scale, the fine was too poor to complain less. However, the trial will be said that Taiwan is the world’s first punishment for Alibaba in the region, its expulsion in addition to Taiwan has been affected by the company’s operations.

trial will be said that since September 2009, Taiwan to accept the application of the mainland investment dependent, the Commission on the mainland investment penalties

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