1 Jingdong listed at the "bondage" Tencent? The domain name jd.com


Tencent and Jingdong "marriage" has long been rumored, Tencent today announced the acquisition of Jingdong 15% of the shares before the listing, but only $214 million + + electricity + digital Tencent Tencent Tencent Guangzhou 4 + easy fast logistics company as a dowry, and Jingdong accept is considered in order to give Wall Street the bigger story. Penguins and dogs love story look not so beautiful, but eventually Xiucheng Zhengguo, both force electricity providers contain Ali Tmall, domain name between the sword Ge inevitable phase.

2 Microsoft to join the 360 push XP protection plan: slap in the face of Tencent

Windows XP system will retire in April 8th of this year, last week, Microsoft China United Tencent, Lenovo launched XP support action – fence plan". This joint action, will provide 200 million XP users in China, including system upgrade assistance, XP system security active defense, including systemic upgrades, security measures.

this tie fence plan by the Tencent, Microsoft China, Lenovo launched three parties, joint Jinshan, Sogou, know Chong Yu, clouds, KEEN TEAM.

media exclaimed: Hey, how did


, after all, is the first to announce the 360 to assume the responsibility of the transition of the XP manufacturers, but also the largest user of security products in china. Hundreds of millions of Chinese White main users use 360 to clean up the system garbage, playing system patches, run points play…… 360 of users, but also the main force of Chinese XP users.

3 Taobao open platform in April 1st to reduce the proportion of charges

Taobao recently issued the relevant regulations that the beginning of April 1, 2014, Taobao will reduce part of the service sales service market share, while taking the API toll on all the way to call the TOP interface service provider.

specific Taobao open platform announced API charges and services are divided into the following rules:

1.API charges

API charging object:

API charges for all calls to Taobao’s open platform API service providers, including but not limited to the seller class service providers and self R & D business.

4 millions of years into the cousin to give me a lesson, the Internet thinking how down to earth  

Internet thinking can be said to be the most popular term in the Internet industry, chat with people, do not talk about the Internet thinking you are embarrassed to say that they are insiders. But most of the people believe that the earth monster just talk about it, if you let the system to elaborate on the Internet thinking, but also a few people really can say.

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