day before ICANN has officially approved.Xxx as adult website special domain name, I hope through the regulation of the.Xxx domain, to enhance security of.Xxx application, ICANN developed a strict examination and approval procedures, at present for the approval of the.Xxx domain,.Xxx domain name industry for support and attitude are also opposed to the two. Our attitude led the industry for the advantages and disadvantages of.Xxx and the new domain name suffixes brought to market discussion and debate.

has said that the ICANN of.Xxx application set required by the international foundation for online responsibility examination and approval procedures, ensure that the.Xxx domain name will not participate in any fraud, child pornography or other misconduct, but also users can easily block this kind of website, so as to enhance the browsing experience, but it was also said that the new.Xxx suffix open registration would be a "nuisance" other suffixes, although the adult domain operators will not be forced to use the.Xxx domain name or accept the examination, but the adult site is unlikely to give up the.Com domain,.Xxx domain name registration open end is good or bad?

if the.Xxx domain name into industrial domain, is bound to make other domain names to see its market opportunities, indirectly stimulates the other adult.Gay suffix name applications, and also the impact of the top-level domain.Com domain name market share in a certain extent, will also indirectly promote the company’s brand domain name application, the same brand suffix the domain name industry will be beneficial to the management of the Internet, but also is good for users for the first time to identify the characteristics of business operations.

Effect of

new domain name brings to the domain name market, investors to bring business opportunities, but also there is a big risk, the new domain name suffix is still most of the registered foreign investors, take for example.Xxx,.Xxx domain name registration fee is $60, equivalent to approximately RMB 400 yuan, which is a high price for domain name registration for domestic investors, rice farmers 400 yuan if the registered.Xxx domain name, but failed to build or resold to others, that even this 400 yuan to beIieve, domain name renewal plus 400 yuan, is not a problem, in short, the domain name domain name the burden of higher costs, as ordinary investors a "price" the new domain name suffix, gradually become one of the objects of some domestic enterprises and website of registered trademark protection.

as the new suffix open, increasing the new suffix domain name dispute, new suffixes and commercial applications have attracted increasing application for trademark enterprise disputes easily, such as the French Tennis Federation through arbitration successfully won the CO domain name suffix ownership, shows that the risk of new investment domain name suffix.

had.Cc,.Cm and other new suffixes open enrollment achievements are not satisfactory, the new suffix is only suitable for the protection of the registration, but not for the real profit investment, some enterprises in the new suffix domain name was registered, extremely easy to cause the dispute, make "

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