the beginning of reform and opening up a lot of people get "first pot of gold", although that may be called "buy down", "speculation" and "speculation", or in fact is a kind of innovation method. The five point of view of innovation is:

first, there are many opportunities for innovation in the Chinese market.

originally, now many young students have such a feeling, that the past good opportunity to let the previous generations of entrepreneurs accounted for, now only working honestly. Many students can’t wait to venture out, think to read two books have no chance. In fact, China is a region of rapid economic growth, technological change, there will always be opportunities for innovation, as the U.S. economy every year, new opportunities for innovation and the emergence of the new richest man.

secondly, all innovations are unexpected.

innovation and discovery are different, the so-called discovery is to understand an existing just don’t know what the so-called innovation is to create the original does not exist, no violation of the conventional, we do not know, used a method. For example, entrepreneurs from the employee’s wages out of 400 dollars directly to his parents to help him out of filial to his parents, but the parents got the money, but it can help enterprises to promote staff. This innovation is very good.

third, innovation can be managed.

unexpected success or failure accident just stood in the angle of the third party, in fact, through the management, can bring the innovation from the accident into expected, the disorder into order, although many people just good wishes. Innovation management is divided into two parts: the first part is for individuals, everyone hopes to have more innovation and opportunities. Another part is how to manage, collect and motivate employees to innovate.

fourth, there are ways to improve the inevitability of innovation.

innovation is a kind of chance, Microsoft has so many talents, good brand, good strength, why have so many accidents? However, even if we do not change the one hundred percent, but we have a way to approach this goal as far as possible.

finally, even if not their own innovation, as well as learning opportunities.

in the IT industry there is a saying that even if others succeed, I can also learn. Perhaps a method of learning is to copy your, of course, there is a way, is to buy you, buy innovation, buy people, and even buy a company.

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