with the major e-commerce sites of a wave of advertising campaign, the two or three line of the city’s online shopping enthusiasm is gradually warming, maternal e-commerce has been an indispensable branch of the electricity supplier in the field, which belongs to FMCG is a necessity, more and more integrated electricity favored, but how the local vertical force vertical class electricity supplier, especially the two or three line of the city, in the face of Jingdong, Dangdang, Tmall (Taobao mall) the comprehensive business platform,

is more difficult!

here in Yunnan, Kunming, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the baby through maternal and child shopping mall operators to explore the localization of maternal and child electricity providers face the problem, to make a personal opinion!

, online shopping acceptance is not enough

I think a lot of the two or three line of the city operators in the face of this problem is the more trouble, after all, the two or three line of the city such as Kunming, no city of acceptance of online shopping developed quickly, many users are still not trusted in the Internet concept, plus computer skill level is uneven, led directly to the two or three line of the city of electronic commerce not very good development.

solution for this problem, only to strengthen the reliability of the website, let the authenticity of the website of the local consumers, maternal and child class website sales for many commodities are 0-3 years old children, mothers are less likely to consume in untrusted sites, so the only way is combining with local advantages, the electronic commerce platform the basic sales channels, through the line to open stores in the form of Commodity Credibility let consumers recognized the site, to strengthen customer service and customer service work site.

baby baby mall in order to strengthen the local lattice reputation and brand image, set up 2500 square meters of shopping malls, an increase of more than 10 customer service phone seats, to ensure smooth, so as to improve the consumer recognition of the website.

two, the price has no advantage, the logistics system is not perfect

this problem directly leads to the loss of tourists, so for this reason, only the status of maternal and child class e-commerce good local, impossible for the country, now that the price is no advantage, only good service, the logistics system is not perfect, or bear the high cost of logistics, ensure the delivery speed, or self built logistics system. According to local market distribution.

baby baby mall lattice to solve this problem, the self built logistics system, guarantee the morning under a single afternoon delivery orders served the next morning, afternoon, and is not limited to the minimum consumer audience free shipping, worried about the local consumption of online payment is not assured, cancel the online payment function, the only support delivery of cash on delivery. And the opening of the cash and credit card POS machines, so that consumers are more willing to accept, although the price and Jingdong, when there is a certain gap, but good service system, and established a good reputation.

summary, in fact, the two or three line of e-commerce sites, the main problem is: the credibility of the site, the price

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