reporter Wang Xiao Beijing reported

out of the Jingdong, is launching the A round of financing Jingdong finance, the main plan in 2016 positioned in this.

financial Jingdong vice president Jinlin said, on the one hand, the twenty-first Century economic report reporter, Jingdong and Jingdong will be more financial institutions to cooperate, on the other hand, the Jingdong has a relatively mature financial risk control technology, assets and output platform.

According to a Jingdong finance project investment proposals

twenty-first Century economic report reporter obtained the current payment services provided by the Jingdong is currently the largest financial transactions, consumer finance and supply chain finance business is in addition to the payment of business of the second and the third largest source of income.

, however, Jingdong Finance said that the current financial investment is still in the layout of Jingdong.

above investment proposal shows that Jingdong financial plan financing 6 billion yuan, valued at $40 billion -460 billion.

seek external cooperation, output wind control technology

shows the investment proposal, as of the second quarter of 2015, the Jingdong in the Jingdong ious in the system penetration rate of 4.4%, compared to 2.6% in the first quarter has increased dramatically. Supply chain financial services based on customer base and data provided by the mall, has now covered 10% Jingdong suppliers.

Jingdong Finance said that the future will be in the Jingdong system + go out two areas together force. The financial Jingdong will connect more partners, including banking, securities, insurance and other traditional financial institutions, and not to compete with traditional financial institutions.

financial Jingdong also said that the current data gradually recognized wind control technology capacity has been based on the market, the Jingdong financial "going out" also includes the output of its ability to control the wind and the standardization of product platform.

in August this year, CITIC Bank financial Jingdong jointly launched CITIC ious joint credit card; in September, the Jingdong financial China courier logistics business enterprise to carry out dynamic pledge loan products "cloud Cangjing financial"; in addition, the Jingdong has launched the campus ious IOUs, IOUs, IOUs, housing tourism vehicle finance of different consumer scenarios the.


did not disclose the Jingdong financial non-performing rate data, but the general manager of the Jingdong of consumer finance division Xu Ling said that for example, is not a pricing strategy for high income Jingdong IOUs to cover the high risk, but through large data risk control model to decide the corresponding level of interest rates will be lower than the level of non-performing banking.

"we had not a Jingdong IOUS is that the people’s Bank credit report query." Xu Ling said. Cooperation with CITIC Bank is the case of wind control technology output. In the future, Jingdong will access the people’s Bank credit data.

has experience in the development of relevant business, Jingdong also intends to change the financial system developers, the output of their own financial system technology.

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