by Chinese first piano portal starry piano nets hosted the 2009 planning network show "has been broadcast in January 19th 18:00. The starry piano nets and network Spring Festival sponsor KU6 network, PPLive, Admin5 nets, the laggards, China station, eight Yanhuang network site simulcast of the spring festival. Now you just want to enter these sites to search, the same can be seen to the network Spring Festival gala.

hits a high degree of concern

half a month later, the cumulative click until now the gala rate has reached millions of users of the message is too many to count, is no less popular than any one of the Spring Festival evening party, on the network set off a wave of click to watch broadcast to the present boom, NetEase, Sohu, Tencent, Xinhua net, YAHOO, and other well-known websites are reported on the network show, the degree of concern of hitherto unknown.

network show on the KU6 network, PPLive, Admin5, Chinese stationmaster net stationmaster station, the laggards, such as Yanhuang network website homepage

"network Spring Festival Gala" brings new meaning to "Spring Festival Gala"

ate the dinner on New Year’s Eve, reunion drink wine, watching TV in the Spring Festival Gala, which seems to have become an indispensable Chinese on New Year’s Eve custom. In recent years, with the development of network, the major television network from the launch of the Spring Festival Gala has become a new fashion this year, but by 2009 the gala piano education first portal "starry piano nets" introduced to the name of a new form of entertainment, star night piano network launched "the Gala" to make full use of the use of the Internet and the new media of large capacity, easy to search, text and audio and video closely, has become a highly popular party, all music loving netizens audience can become a real star in the party, and in their own entertainment and entertainment of others, this the gala gives us a new definition of "Spring Festival".

users look forward to the next network Spring Festival Gala

Many users of

we put forward the question "so good after the party will not continue? It will not just hype will not do?" network Spring Festival director, starry piano nets general manager Ceng Jigui explicitly said: "this is the first time we hosted the gala. The beginning is very worried, but now it seems very successful, we will continue to do better, next again, we will always do so, of course, this one cannot do without success of our team, technical team many times more work until midnight, no matter how the outside evaluation. We own the intentions and efforts are worthy of recognition."

whether we have what view of network Spring Festival, but it brings us really happy, give you a civilian participation stage, the public entertainment, for all the holiday brought.

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