the applicant to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the fined 174 million 440 thousand yuan, was challenged by the "PPC" Maoni, Baidu this "the world’s largest Chinese search engine" is facing the implementation of the anti-monopoly law since the China network field an antitrust investigation.

October 31st, entrusted by the legal representative Wang Guanjue of Tangshan all information services Ltd., Beijing Bangdao firm Li Changqing lawyers to antitrust investigation a thick 91 page 16 format "application" to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Department antitrust official hands for antitrust investigation of Baidu abuse of market dominance the status of the.

application in addition to the proposed law enforcement agencies to investigate the fact that the alleged monopoly of Baidu, but also suggested that the state imposed a fine of 174 million 440 thousand yuan Baidu.

is the first domestic network antitrust investigation case

yesterday, the reporter had an exclusive interview with the Beijing Bangdao Law Firm lawyer Li Changqing, he said: Baidu antitrust investigation into the significance of two main points: first of all, Baidu to use its monopoly position, pose a threat to the survival of small and medium-sized enterprises website, especially in the financial tsunami threat to the real economy situation the harm to the healthy development of social economy; secondly, users in the Internet search results are not objective results, nor the users want, it is a kind of twisted business results, it also hampers the fairness.

for the progress of the application, Li Changqing lawyer said, has long been ready to deal with the plan, and will apply for Baidu monopoly investigation at the same time, the study of other prosecution procedures. "I will" application "to the antitrust investigation SAIC antitrust investigation officials, asked what specific time will reply; answer when it comes to call to me, but I have not yet received the call and reply." According to Li Changqing introduction, the admissibility of the official said that the case because it is a case of antitrust investigation of the network, many of the specific details of the law enforcement has not been determined, so it may be a little slower.

Li Changqing believes that Baidu’s alleged monopoly is an obvious fact, but other individuals and companies want to fight it, it is not easy to prove that. "We are ready for a long time. Each other’s strength and technology are much stronger than the average Internet users and users." He said that one of the latest developments will inform reporters that the rights will be carried out in the end.

requires Baidu to stop abuse of market dominance

Li Changqing said that this is not only for the benefit of a company, but to establish a healthy development of China’s network environment mechanism. He is applying for writing: "the proposed law enforcement agencies to investigate the use of Baidu search rules and search process. It is recommended to develop the search technical specifications and search market service standards, and strengthen the management of search engine services. In the search technology specification, the establishment of the national real-time monitoring system, requires the use of search engines search technology and search process to the Ministry of supervision

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