renamed China ( June 20th hearing, it is reported that since the Chinese original music base 5sing, the official domain name by hold caused the crowd, today there are users found large domestic music website covers, can not be opened, the suspected national "anti pornography · net net 2014 special action starts at the music website. At present, the officials have not responded to the incident.


figure: micro-blog information

according to friends @ day and night upside down Fentick Sina micro-blog said, especially strange, 5sing and wo99 can not open at the same time, intuition told me something behind this thing. 2 domain names are registered in the, and are accompanied by download. Small shrimp and Songtaste is normal, the registered website is different". That query Chinese renamed whois system, registered in January 2004, the domain name, has been suspended for analytical treatment of registered business Xiamen 35 Internet technology, domain name state clientHold.


is currently the two domain names can not be used properly, has caused a lot of trouble for those who love music. Some netizens said that the recent net net action, a lot of not filing website have been closed. But there are also netizens think that, like 5sing the cool dog company, such a large company, there is no record of justified it, feel like being artificially stopped. And like the small shrimp nets (, cool dog music (, ( Oh, cool music music ( music website can be a normal visit.

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