"grass root" which ranked first in the 2012 Baidu Encyclopedia of ten hot words in the vocabulary, for Chinese is no longer strange. It represents a group, born mediocre, meager salary, garage hopeless people; they represent a state of mind, a lot of people in daily life often use the "grass root" laugh at yourself; it is a way of life, love games, love fantasy, lack of action, love, kindness and escape cowardly. "Grass root" is more of a concept of the Internet, it is in a "mental attitude self decompression and laugh at the future", the rapid spread of network.

The year of

, management guru · Harald in the Pula; "Pyramid" the fortune at the bottom of a book, creatively put forward the "bottom of the Pyramid strategy" (bottom of the pyramid, referred to as "Kentucky") this concept, that, in the global economic structure in Pyramid, there are more than 4 billion of the population in poverty. The internal demand has never been really understood and taken over. If the enterprise through business innovation in the service of this huge market of low income, you can get huge economic benefits, leveraging the wealth at the bottom of the Pyramid.

The concept of

"grass root" and "Kentucky" some similar means to live bottom life crowd. However, the bottom does not mean that the purchasing power is low, in the virtual network society, has a huge social relationship of white-collar does not have a huge consumption potential, "grass root" but because of the social relationship less online and become the main crowd Chinese Internet payment.

2012, according to the grass root market, the emergence of what the business model of


we chose 15 representative "grass root business model" case, in accordance with the "food", "live", "play with" classification. "Food and clothing" in the field, Tintin to businesses offer rich information on the Internet to the mobile phone, has accumulated more than 10 million users, VC by the mad pursuit of beauty; spread through UGC (user generated content) content to other e-commerce sites to guide traffic, brand advertising display and sales into two profitable way. "Live" in the field, short rental market unpopular in the past year, 100 yuan will be able to live in a sea view room in Sanya, 250 yuan will be able to live on the characteristics and warm family room, this is the pig short rent is the most attractive place; shook his trick car, users only need to shake on a mobile phone the application, can wait until you need a car in a short period of time, there have been more than and 30 VCs including IDG, Sequoia and other well-known venture capital, attention. "Play" in the field, the young user YY on line two or three, or even three or four Chinese line of the city is becoming more and more popular; the unfamiliar street mobile social networking tool based on geographic location, so that users can very timely network into a real relationship line, has reached 20 million users.

at present, the development of grass root market is still in its early stages, the case has not yet formed a mature business model.

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