in July 1st, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the "Interim Measures for the administration of commodity trading and related services" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"). The "measures" to engage in online transactions of personal real name authentication made a clear provision, and provide a platform for the network trading platform operators put forward a series of requirements.

for the formal implementation of the approach, the majority of online businesses and shopkeepers have expressed their approval, but there are also worried about the future of the personal shop will require registration of industrial and commercial enterprises to increase the cost of. Therefore, the industry are waiting for the introduction of the implementation details.


" is not all the individual shop to business registration." Zhejiang province Industrial and Commercial Bureau spokesman Huang Xiaoping in June 30th in Hangzhou, said: "the" measures "provisions of natural persons shall apply to the online trading platform service operators apply, submit the name and address of the real identity information. And only with the conditions of registration, in accordance with the law for industrial and commercial registration."

on the same day, according to the formal implementation of shop management measures, Zhejiang province network Industrial and Commercial Bureau business regulatory authorities to take the lead in clear details of the implementation of Zhejiang, while the introduction of "open access rights of Internet users, the network involving the main market account automatic filing" eight initiatives to promote the development of network transactions.

some of the content has been done, but there is no system, this is just the General Administration of the "approach" to form a complete set of initiatives." Zhejiang Province Office Supervisor Zheng Xiaodong told reporters Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

iResearch analyst Zhang Yanping believes that SAIC’s approach is a national principle, such as the real name system is necessary to do. In some other details, local rules will serve as a reference." It is reported that after Zhejiang, Beijing, Shanghai and other places will also introduce their own initiatives.

Zhejiang introduced eight initiatives

Huang Xiaoping believes that the promulgation and implementation of the measures for the development of network economy in Zhejiang province is more important. In his view, Zhejiang is a big province of the Internet, the country’s top 3000 industry sites, Zhejiang accounted for 1/5 of the top 100 Chinese industry website, about 40% of the site registered in Zhejiang.

according to statistics, the national online shopping market share, accounting for more than half of Zhejiang, including Taobao’s total sales in 2009 more than 200 billion yuan. As a Alibaba, Netsun e-commerce business on behalf of the Zhejiang, the rules of network transactions is also of particular concern.

reporter learned that Zhejiang Province recently Industrial and Commercial Bureau specifically relates to a network of commodity trading and related services to the province’s website conducted a survey, mainly in order to understand the site to implement "measures" of the situation and the existing problems and difficulties.

Zheng Xiaodong told reporters that in June 25th, Binjiang District trade and Industry Bureau to carry out an inspection of the largest domestic shopping platform, focusing on the real name authentication and transaction content between the information protection, and field guide web business license online identification.


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