wrote a lot of blog, the effect is not very good, finally gave up all the original blog! From the establishment of a new blog of my own, and for his name (Jiang Zhimin) of the domain name "jiangzhimin.com", is his personal blog network brand, of course, we should also pay attention to personal VI.

first, the domain name must use their own name pinyin or abbreviation, if the above are registered you can also use your English name, net name to apply for domain names. If the above are registered so I suggest you change a name or English name, because your name is so popular is not on your personal highlight and reflect the character’s name is the first step of personal brand.

two, if you do not have time to write more good article, then you have to share your life! Remember to have your photos or very funny image, because the blog he is a form of freedom, if you give it serious, so no one dare to write your blog graffiti, no interactive blog is lost the meaning of blog.

three, the blog is the soul of the article must be patient. My previous blog has a lot of good articles, but then did not insist, free to write a lot of junk short Bo Wen and many of the themes were deviated from the theme of the blog, so the bounce rate is very big! My readers slowly on my blog will lose confidence, interest rate decline seriously.

four, stay out of some discussion or deliberately create some loopholes in the article, which can help the blog to bring better interaction!

five, share your baby, the network plagiarism too much, if you are willing to sacrifice!… You have a lot of fans!

six, timely reply to your blog message, it is your interaction is reflected in your respect for the user. After the best reply e-mail notification, so that a better two interactive.

this time to tell you so much! Please pay attention to my blog, there will be a lot of exciting content!

above articles from: Jiang Zhimin blog

article address: http://s.jiangzhimin.com/2010/04/98/

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