[Abstract] if we want to fix the real world, we need to focus on where statistics are most useful.

text / Yang Linhua (WeChat public number: silicon release)

this is the first article at the beginning of the new year Paul Graham written in the godfather of Silicon Valley: Economic Inequality. This paper has angered many people. I think there is a salvation "hatred" historical tradition of Chinese; -). Take a look at the logical interpretation of the guys who are always so clear. Enjoy.

since 1970, the United States, the gap between rich and poor has increased dramatically, especially the rich are getting richer. Some people began to worry that this is a sign that the country is about to collapse.

I am very interested in this topic, because I am in fact a manufacturer of the gap between rich and poor. In the past, I founded the YC, to help a large number of people start business. There is no doubt that if a company succeeds, its founders will become rich. Although the money is not the overwhelming majority of the founder of the United States, the only purpose of the founder of Create Company, but if the business can not make people rich, then in the number of people who are willing to choose entrepreneurship will be much less.

so, I actually have a gap between the rich and the poor in the promotion of experts, and has spent ten years working in this field, including helping YC incubator in 2400 entrepreneurs; also, I have written a lot of encouraging people to "increase the gap between the rich and the poor" essays, these essays, even the how can we better start, very specific details and description.

so whenever I hear people say that the gap between the rich and the poor is a bad thing, and when it should be removed, I always feel like a wild animal, eavesdropping on the conversations of the hunters. In these conversations, I was hit by the most: I found that the hunters are talking about these things, the concept of logic is always confused.

"The pie fallacy"

the most common mistake people make is to consider the gap between the rich and the poor as a single phenomenon". One of the most naive version, is based on a "pie fallacy". This fallacy that rich people get rich, because they are taking the money from the poor.

people like to draw conclusions before they have verified the facts. Sometimes, the "pie fallacy" is clearly pointed out:

"…… The top players grab the largest share of the national income, and then because the largest part has been taken away, it also leads to the rest of the smaller……"

other times, the source of this idea is more unconscious, but it is very common.

I think this may be because the "pie fallacy" in people’s growth process has been verified. For a child, for example, a pie has a "fixed share"

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