live + can be described as the hottest trend in the current Internet circle, especially live + electricity supplier, because the user will be directly connected to the commodity and is more optimistic about us. However, optimistic about the good, most of them are still in a state of wait and see, really not much action.

live + electricity supplier how to play? Maybe a lot of people still do not have ideas, this article summarizes the success stories in this regard, from which we may find some inspiration.

jackfruit: the first to test the electricity supplier + live mode

is a sea Amoy about App, which launched in July 15, launched a live function, and as the flagship brand publicity, in order to live closer to overseas shopping in the distance, and the sense of participation and trust, resulting from the process of scouring the sea over the sea Amoy business or cross-border electricity cannot be avoided "in the asymmetric information, opaque, fake problems in access to business opportunities".

But in

did not spend a penny of advertising case, through the company’s colleagues built WeChat group and QQ group, make forwarding and word-of-mouth marketing by live, realized the first twenty thousand growth of new users every day of the week. App on the line for second months, but the income has more than ten million, three months on a single amount of 10000.


Taobao: Live on-line that hot

was started in March of this year, Taobao broadcast online, May officially launched, but has created a lot of live sales miracle:

1, June 14th news, the domestic jewelry brand Zhou Dasheng recently with Juhuasuan, Herborist and other words, Kroraina jointly test the water live, the first invited star Liu Yan in the Taobao broadcast channel, 60 thousand single day conversion.

2, Maybelline New York conference recently also broadcast by Taobao, and invited Angelababy and 50 tennis red synchronized live in just 2 hours to sell 10000 lipsticks, conversion of sales of about 1400000 yuan.

3, the village of red Amoy network live, nearly 80 thousand people watching, a short time after the launch of a few seconds, soil egg sales 40 thousand;

4, Sydney on a red net shop Taobao new broadcast, attracted more than 60 thousand people to watch, then live new clothing shelves, sales of each single product are more than one thousand.

5, May 28th, the famous star Wu Chun boarded Taobao live recommended famous brands "Wyeth Kai Fu" products, live long within 1 hours to reach more than 1 million 200 thousand yuan, trading volume, during the live broadcast of a single product conversion rate as high as 36%, is over seven times the daily conversion rate of. This "Wu Zunqi Fu live" after the end of the organizer, Wyeth Kai Fu milk with Taobao live call in disbelief. the first star red envelopes of live interactive fans to burst high


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