is a domain name industry, to create a legend of the world, people can get rich, "one meter outbreak" has also been relying on dedicated domain name business success, the domain name industry, well-known investors have Lai Linfeng, ylmf 4399 game website Cai Wensheng and so on, and the most powerful investment domain in China. There is no doubt the webmaster called the king of Cai Wensheng, the market rumors have about one hundred thousand Internet domain name, the total valuation of more than $100 million, the domain name has a foot in all walks of life.

when agricultural products are not just agricultural products

agriculture is national survival and development, affecting the community development, the domain name of course is from agricultural development and influence, Cai Wensheng naturally will not miss such a good investment opportunities, the registered owner of a number of agricultural related domain names, and some well-known Web site domain has been enabled. For example, Baidu’s independent video site – Qiyi network, market rumors, Cai Wensheng had registered the domain name is registered in the agricultural fruit Kiwi "singular" two characters, is a genuine agricultural domain (infinite Chinese characters of great!), at that time, rumors of the transaction price of over one million. There are currently well-known video site Tudou website, the domain name is Cai Wensheng to agricultural products name registration, transaction prices are not cheap (a word!), at present, the hand still holding apple domain (it is registered, for whom it is self-evident.).

real estate home to tropical domain name business opportunities


house is as the most popular topic of concern, its commercial value is rising, while Cai Wensheng seems to have "expected" to Home Furnishing real industry market, already in the domain name field to register a lot of good industry domain, and the domain name does not Home Furnishing real estate negative him hope, bring a good harvest for him. Sina to the acquisition of Cai Wensheng Home Furnishing Pinyin domain name, anecdotal domain name trading price of more than one million yuan, and after the transfer in the clean ware domain name, at present, still holds a number of high-quality Home Furnishing industry domain of their hands, to believe that the value of the domain name for future transactions, its value is not high.

auto finance era derivative domain opportunity

car has become popular means of transport, in the automotive domain name investment and of course his figure, holding more than one precious car registered domain name, date, Cai Wensheng has sold three cars last year to China auto rental network domain, domain, which caused concern in the industry boom at the time (it is a highballing good rice!), the online auto market, car network, also shows the hand holding car domain name (Zuo Jia) in the financial domain, the electricity supplier industry, buy a lot of good domain name, (Fund), (Huang Jin) and (diamond), these are the station is enabled, and in the country have a certain.

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