1 "copyright value" is created by the owner and the user. Before Teresa Teng became famous, he sang a song with a profit of 10 yuan, and sang a song after becoming famous. The profit was $100 thousand. Before and after fame, Teresa Teng’s concert has not increased 10 times, but her earnings can grow by up to 10 thousand times. A large number of audience demand, lifting the value of Teresa Teng’s singing.

      2 before the advent of the Internet, the famous singer channel is very narrow, little star premium ability is very high, high premium singer, covered the copyright is created and users to create facts.

      3 Internet has come, the attention is scarce. The user’s attention is valuable. So, there are people willing to give up the copyright, peibenzhuanyaohe.

      4 Baidu MP3 search and thunderbolt download, are the best tools to increase copyright users. In the traditional value system, copyright users must pay, and on the Internet, do not have to, and can be easier to get than pay.

      5 Baidu in addition to providing MP3 search, but also provide other search, thunder in addition to providing FTP download, now also provides P2P download. Thunder in the acquisition of software to download the value of the station, began to enter the large-scale film and television music download market.

      6 I don’t know, the thunder will wrap themselves into what, but see it, I always think of the street sell up piracy.

      7. I am not a defender of traditional copyright. I believe that the positive significance of P2P in the transmission and dissemination of knowledge is greater than its consequences to the copyright system. I don’t understand, the thunder of such a commercial company, why can, in a flagrant way unswervingly to obtain huge commercial interests from the copyright damage, but does not feel any shame. I do not understand, such as Google flaunt not evil companies, why invest in thunder, funding it to undermine the copyright, and the benefits of thunder, benefit.

      8 P2P is not to be done, P2P should be done by private non-profit open source organizations, such as emule. No commercial company profit from emule. The majority of users profit from emule.

      9 from the point of view of knowledge inheritance, copyright is the common wealth of mankind, the copyright owner is only at a certain point of time to make a significant contribution, therefore, reward it with a copyright of 70 years. In the sense that copyright is the common wealth of mankind, P2P can be on a certain scale and certain

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