news August 22nd, from suppliers owed money was closed to base d on the verge of delisting, "China supplier first unit, Mcglaughlin, to the respect of job losses in wages storm, cool show, such as a public WOOHA luxury website, a year to the vertical electric providers have not fared well. Their decline almost and rapid expansion of platform based electricity supplier management synchronization standard products, the higher cost of vertical business platform based B2C unable to resist attack cities and capture territories has become a victim of its rapid expansion, behind. More insiders boldly predicted that in the future most of the vertical electricity supplier will be transformed or closed down.

vertical electricity supplier cause of death: platform chariot rolling


has serious problems of vertical electricity supplier has two characteristics, mass and physical, electricity providers explained Lu Zhenwang, operating popular / vertical electricity supplier standard kind, gross margin is very low but the cost is very high, the cost of a market only accounted for 10%~30%, Jingdong and other platform based electricity supplier market the cost is only 3%~4%," commodity, service cost and no advantage, how to compete? "

sent on behalf of the network president Xing Kongyu also agree with this view, "the majority of vertical B2C only the vertical category of goods, such as selling shoes or selling goods and services on the package itself, and a large platform without any distinction, so that it will be more difficult.

on the other hand, platform based electricity supplier has inherent advantages in terms of user stickiness. "Users want a one-stop shop, solve all the needs, plus some vertical electric business category consumption cycle is long, often do not need to repeat purchase, it is difficult to form a continuous viscous, only through the market to attract new users to maintain sales market, the high cost of under".

A classic case of

platform based electricity supplier rolling vertical B2C occurred in the maternal Market: 2010 Jingdong, Dangdang, shop No. 1 line maternal and child channel, and in this year has announced more than red children (Jingdong and Dangdang monthly sales has 100 million yuan); the red child, 2009 sales of 2 billion yuan, 2010 and 2011 were 1 billion 500 million yuan (maternal and child supplies about 55%). 2010 decline, barely flat in 2011. In the maternal and child products highly standardized on the battlefield, in the face of platform based electricity supplier have traffic, brand, users and financial advantages, vertical electricity supplier is almost unable to resist, retreat.

user group is small, small sales, means that the vertical B2C is difficult to significantly reduce costs, improve margins, only "open source" Lu Zhenwang gives two prescription, "a non standard (such as customization), is a premium service. Customized products in Europe and the United States have a lot to do in the electricity supplier website, service premium can refer to building materials Jiezhuang B2C regulating the family network, show that they do is to do the next line, through access to premium services, in addition to a high-end fruit B2C website, but also through the exhibition and the characteristics of logistics services to enhance gross profit".

some vertical electricity supplier also began to help themselves, such as music Amoy recently launched its own >

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