Fetion, how long have you heard this news? Well, the answer is not important, after all, in early 2012, he has published "the tiger sniffing a fetion". For many people, it is already a dead product. The day before, some mobile phone users received information to China Mobile, said, "the message to Fetion in June 30th off the assembly line, then terminate the service, since July 2016 will no longer receive monthly fee." The media will be interpreted as Fetion service will be stopped, the default Fetion come to an end, so, naturally, has opened the memory mode, someone opened Tucao mode.

is a video: "turn SMS Fetion" is just a function of Fetion, users can use mobile phone to send text messages to the other end of the letter PC. It is said that because of the small number of users, so the closure of this feature."

Oh, not dead yet. But this time there is also a sense of embarrassment. In April 2015, there have been media reports, Fetion mobile phone business volume per capita from December 2014 42 dropped to 29, the amount of zero message users increased from 55% to 83%. How to say that sentence, "some people alive, it is dead." Well.

or help you review.

Fetion, China Mobile launched in 2007 and is an instant messaging application software, it successfully opened the mobile phone and computer, you can enter the message content in the PC client, and then select the mail list of contacts, click send, the other time is not online, can also receive your information, but also do not have to spend money. It is even the meaning of WeChat Fetion mobile phone after installation, basically can achieve network chat. In the text messages are pinched with the number, the number of words of the era, many people will be called the province of the weapon. According to the Beijing evening news, in the heyday of Fetion close to 500 million registered users, the number of active users is 90 million.

see, today’s discussion will have attributed to the decline of Fetion was born in the wrong time. Too early? Too late?

Fetion before the birth of 2007, we chat is the most commonly used two things, one is QQ, one is the message. However, QQ, after all, is when the intelligent mobile phone is not universal, we are not always online, sometimes messages not received accidentally missed a future, and message. To be honest, too expensive… Fetion appears, it can be said on the best point in time — as long as to meet the function, yet no one cares about the user experience this thing, "makeshift" seagull. This is certainly not a permanent condition, so in 2012, when WeChat, Q and a series of new chat tools appeared, many people with "I endure you for a long time" attitude quickly defection.

in the obituary in 2012, the author will Kui Fetion breath due to anthracene operators, "

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