] core tip to provide quality content to the media, will not have much impact WeChat’s new initiative is affected is the marketing account and provide information of the media, expect WeChat to become the information output by Bo eyeball means to stimulate the user’s account, must hit.

WeChat 5 finally released this week, and to honor the previous commitments: subscription account folding, is a unified collection in the subscription directory. Although every day can still push 3 pieces of information, but are placed in the two level menu, open the number of subscribers decreased, since the media in the middle of the formation of a panic. This revision is a real threat to the dissemination of information from the media, then from the media and should decide on what path to follow geek Park interview survey? Some media accounts from the representative, listen to what they say. For sample purposes, for reference only.


from the media who refer to the interpretation of Wikipedia: with traditional media functions do not have the traditional media operation of the framework of the personal network behavior. In simple terms, you have a tool to connect to the network, whether it is a computer or a mobile phone, such as WeChat, micro-blog and other web services can be counted as information from the media. In the eyes of the public, "from the media" has a more public meaning, there is no influence that can only be regarded as personal speech, but the actual situation is not so objective.

said "if the media is talking in their own third of an acre of words, so I belong to the media; if the media is in written text and advertising words, so I do not belong to the media. Since the concept of the media is also speculation, or do not call me from the media bar. "

on the Internet, hacker history and other content of the public accounts on the blackboard "Columbia road" is called "self" to the media gives this explanation, but there are also people who should be treated objectively on the media and think this title is not taboo.

"doesn’t mind, and it sounds like a very high-end atmosphere grade style"

from the beginning of March 30th this year, insist on pushing all kinds of news about the film Tucao movie slot rushed to say. It is because of a variety of different content to the WeChat subscription account, resulting in a different impact, WeChat content subscription brings prosperity.


WeChat: difficult to replace platform

if the birth of the blog generated from the media, micro-blog has lowered the threshold from the media, so that everyone can make a sound, and the emergence of WeChat subscription account is more accurate information will be pushed to the hands of users. For the media, WeChat is undoubtedly the best communication platform, the characteristics can be summarized as follows:

low profile: with the blog or micro-blog allows users to see the whole network is different, WeChat does not provide content search function, the release

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