read: China two bitcoin trading platform suspended bank recharge services for the electricity supplier, bitcoin’s future will be what kind of? Or meet the most stringent regulatory bitcoin exchange funds transfer central bank closed channel news that the central bank official confirmed that the central bank requirements prohibit financial institutions closed Chinese 15 bitcoin site bitcoin bank account is to become instruments of crime to provide services for the bitcoin trading news: being used for money laundering

      in China, bitcoin has come to the crossroads. The spread of the industry, the central bank requires banks and third party payment agencies do not provide an account for the bitcoin transactions, transfer, the power is gradually emerging. According to Beijing Daily reporter statistics, there are 10 bitcoin trading platform has issued a notice on the matter, which has 3 smaller platform that has received the bank account cancellation notice, which means that bitcoin transaction mode line may be suspended, in addition to the 7 trading platform is currently only about third party recharge channels were closed.

following the Wednesday night bit era and BTC38 announced the revocation of the bank card transfer mode after yesterday, bitcoin trading platform FXBTC announced on the website, from midnight yesterday, the bank no longer handle recharge after April 6th will suspend bank card withdrawals.

Emergency notification

FXBTC official website released the statement: "FXBTC management such as some of the industry websites, telephone number of commercial banks received notice, request the bank to cancel the account as soon as possible, in order to strengthen the notice bitcoin risk prevention work of the implementation of the central bank, some banks even today must cancel the account, FXBTC clarify that the the event is not a rumor, the central bank issued a notice requiring any commercial bank and third party payment institutions shall not provide clearing services for bitcoin business, demanding the closure of all bitcoin related sites of capital account."

in fact, if the bank account bitcoin trading platform was forced to cancel the account, it means that after the bitcoin game player only through the line (cash) to buy and trade bitcoin, bitcoin trading platform may face the risk of collapse.

Have close

and the three big bank card recharge business platform is different, 7 bitcoin trading platform including fire coins network, bitcoin China, okcion, Chinese bitcoin, only closed third party recharge channels.

bitcoin Chinese customer service to Beijing Daily reporter said they received notice to agents of Jingdong, because of the third party payment problems easily suspend automatic recharge service Jingdong, but Chinese bitcoin bank remittance recharge and withdrawals are not affected. Fire currency network, okcion and Chinese bitcoin yesterday also announced that the suspension of real time mode of RMB recharge cards. Yi Jingdong and the rest of the recharge model 3 websites Topup mode for bitcoin trading platform self recharge channels, to form the virtual prepaid card through the third party payment channels recharge, to play ball in the form of bypassing the central bank last year.

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