since 2009, voluntary chain sales was exposed, the state began to crack down on this pyramid selling behavior, arrested a lot of MLM personnel, involving huge amounts.

under high pressure, the pyramid fought in the network, the marketing staff to create a new marketing mode "network capital operation" (hereinafter referred to as the "net capital").

the "daily economic news" reporter undercover network MLM Gang number after the discovery, essence of network marketing is still a "pull the head", but they are more subtle, cross regional, and difficult to control.

Chinese anti MLM network founder, leaves has more than ten years experience of anti MLM "daily economic news" reporter said, "no matter how the game of capital operation," pull the head "features will never change, this is a typical mlm".

A staff member of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce

anti MLM hotline also told reporters, "if MLM identification mainly depends on three aspects: the first is the" pull the head "second", whether or not to pay the entry fee ", third is" composite Commission "(repetition, from the continuous development of the next line cumulative percentage). Network capital operation is a pyramid scheme, also known as chain sales or chain operation, but was transferred to the Internet, we are currently investigating this MLM behavior".

old model: voluntary chain sales

is reported that the voluntary chain sales is based on the principle of geometric multiplication and five tier system of distribution. The basic rule is that each investment is 3800 yuan a share, even after pulling three idle capital chain, simply put, is to find the three partners, 1 3, 3 9, 9 27, 27 81, using the principle of geometric multiplication, finally through the distribution system of five level three order system. Which is nearly 1000 times of profits, a total of up to 3 million 800 thousand yuan.

The so-called "

five level three order system" refers to people in the industry, according to the number of the investment share, divided into internship Clerk (1 ~ 2), head (3 ~ 9), the director (10 ~ 64), the manager (65 ~ 599), the boss (600 or more) five level.

in the five stage of the three system, at different levels of people will have different proportions of the bonus, the higher the level of people get more commission.

is not due to the actual product, "offer a lie" will become the beginning of a nightmare. For example, marketing personnel to go to Guangxi for free to play or visit the factory and see investment opportunities as an excuse to her acquaintances, relatives and lied to the destination; and then to countries in order to support the economic development of Guangxi and the "western development" as an excuse to allow pure capital operation mode of investment, then the parties lured to visit and study; to request the parties in the development of offline.

what is more, because there is no extensive contacts, often the development of a number of referrals will encounter bottlenecks, but in order to quickly become the boss to make money, and ultimately can only increase the amount of investment

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