today, when I push the public account information, and occasionally found WeChat public platform quietly on the line of a new project, which is WeChat store, through this store we can achieve the sale of goods. In other words, WeChat can also sell things. See this, we do not think that the concept of marketing business since the release of WeChat, has been the official permission?.

"WeChat public platform this update adds a WeChat store, WeChat store based on WeChat payment, including adding merchandise, merchandise management, order management, shelf management, human rights and other functions, developers can use the interface to add bulk commodities, quick shop. WeChat has access to pay the public number, can apply for the opening of the WeChat Service Center functions."

this is the official account of WeChat public account platform, we can query the corresponding page. But today’s focus is not on this, today’s focus is what you read from the above text. If I just read the access to the public account can be achieved WeChat access to the license to open a shop, then you can clearly say that the world of Tencent, you have not really integrated into. Here are some of the views of music.

first, the announcement mentioned WeChat payment, which means that WeChat can sell things, but to access Alipay WeChat to pay, what not, it is more clearly to express a message that is WeChat’s vision of payment has not disappeared, so sellers have been hit, in addition to the product inside, the more important is a process of accumulation and try to Tencent. WeChat is a very ambitious enterprise, do not let WeChat business, is only towards Zhang Xiaolong’s communication needs, I don’t believe. Now WeChat is not afraid of anything else, just afraid of a store intervention function, for others to do the wedding, but their products still can not go beyond the implementation of a rival. So WeChat can do business, we do not directly give up because the official rumor and so few games, will eventually lose ourselves.

second, developers can use the interface to add bulk goods, fast shop." From this sentence we can clearly feel WeChat’s own account for the public account does not exclude a single point, fast two words, indicating that WeChat’s own platform for the depth of excavation is quite urgent. This is contrary Buddha and the circle of friends recently WeChat killing behavior. But think carefully, is not difficult to draw a conclusion, that is WeChat’s recent actions without any question, it is obviously in every act and every move to guide users to guide businesses, it wants to let you go, so where is this place? Yes, it is said the text after the surface has been applied for WeChat the payment of public accounts. WeChat hit sellers circle of friends, encourage the public account shop, a clear intention is to allow everyone to go to the place, just words can not say so straightforward. In fact, but in the eyes of Le Le, WeChat has always wanted to do business, but fear once the departure, it is difficult to WeChat this Mustang tethered

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