network marketing than traditional marketing has too many advantages, and network marketing is the future development trend of the marketing, so basically all of the enterprises have sprouted the idea of opening up the network marketing this way. Network marketing has the characteristics of small investment, quick effect, large return, is very helpful to the development of enterprises, and to reduce the risk of a certain enterprise. In the process of enterprise development, the implementation of the network marketing model through the Internet to promote the sale of products and services provided by enterprises.

I am a person in charge of SEO/SEM, a year for 3 companies, contact with the three different industries, summed up a lot of experience in marketing. Webmaster friends don’t feel like I was out, absolutely not, I got good grades, at least is in charge of marketing department. However, because of the industry and technical bottlenecks, I decided to leave an industry to try another field. I said the name of these methods seems to have been said many times, but the specific content is different, this is what I used and has made some successful experience, non empty talk. Below I introduce some enterprise network marketing methods and skills.

1, through the enterprise blog network marketing promotion

I was the first company to do enterprise blog planning for 3 months, the effect is very obvious, how to do? Our corporate blog at the beginning of the establishment must formulate guidelines and rules issued a release, this is a principle and master manual: including the publisher cannot divulge confidential documents released the article do not adversely affect the company’s reputation, the release of information must write their own articles and so on. This can not only reduce the risk that the enterprise blog may exist, but also have a user experience.

Web2.0 when a lot of blog, SNS and other interactive and very good communication platform. The participation of netizens interest greatly stimulate their creativity, and also developed, which is the enterprise should use, enterprise can through the portal blog, also can through the enterprise blog form into the company’s internal and external communication flow of communication, the network marketing value is

A, can directly bring potential users or attract potential customers;

B, for the search engine to get the information provided by the user the opportunity, so also can increase the official website of the external links;

C, with the old customers to promote friendly relations, to be recommended customers;

D, the business activities of enterprises to improve the role of

E, finally had to say, corporate blog is a symbol of authority website brand effect.

2, free software marketing ideas

we do business network marketing must understand a purpose: to sell their products. Selling products is not necessarily a form of transformation at once, so look for low cost high

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