Taobao as early as a year ago on the death of WeChat under the expulsion order, this is all we know. After pushing the Taobao exchange, but the results we have seen, imagine all those potential customers who have nothing to take from every day and we communicate? Besides, people are using WeChat, you let everyone to go? A word to make a copy of WeChat’s success is not possible.

Although Taobao

and WeChat is already, have you not irreconcilable opposed to my position, but based on the WeChat huge user base, Taobao is still not willing to give up a lot of game player WeChat this marketing tool. Most of the whole situation, micro-blog marketing has developed to the extreme, the hot social power is very strong, but compared to the effect of WeChat’s exclusive circle of friends, there is no long-term marketing conversion rate to the awesome WeChat.

so we start the electricity supplier in the operation of WeChat marketing to customers, is the specific how to do it? The following a large number of our customers to talk about a little bit of this experience:

analysis, here omitted pre product market positioning these links directly into the WeChat operating state.


1, certified public number, as long as it is not a separate customer requirements, we have advocated the subscription number, service is behind the matter, I think we should all understand.

2, in order to maintain the viscosity of fans, no one on the advertising, because this practice will lose powder

3, regularly updated circle of friends, a large number of forwarding through the circle of friends.

4, a month at least three times planning activities, and businesses to communicate well in advance, such as forwarding XX send, send XX attention.

5, manage WeChat fans, and according to different standards, such as classification by Region

6, collect user information. Activities can not be planned, pay attention to the user’s information on the phone. For example, for a cosmetics shop design is: focus on WeChat and reply: your name and phone number to get a gift.

Interim: focus on user data collection, the process can not be separated from the activities of planning, take our specific case:

set up for the cosmetics store: users need to reply to the micro signal skin, gender, age, cell phone number, name, these can get gifts.

for children’s clothing store, we give the set: "you need to reply to the child’s age, gender, height, parents phone number" before you get a gift.

fun shop, need to reply XXXX. Let’s think about it…

any marketing campaign is not done overnight, need to be planned according to the results, and the need to predict the possible results. Finally, to make some investment, there is no free lunch, not to put the light to make money that is nonsense.

test user:


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