this paper will serve as recommendations to the Tencent company, we try to use the QQ number in the top, only Q people’s attention, QQ will be more progress ""!!!

suggested: Tencent all virtual goods should be invoiced

      1: according to the law, consumers who have consumption, have the right to request an invoice to the manufacturer, and I as a consumer, Tencent company many times to ask for an invoice, the Tencent has not been provided, I have the right to doubt the Tencent over the years to escape a lot of taxes.

      Tencent’s second quarter results, the virtual product revenue is the main source of income of the Tencent. Second quarter, Tencent wireless business reached 206 million yuan, accounting for the total revenue of the second quarter of 23.8%, Internet value-added services reached RMB 546 million 200 thousand yuan, accounting for the total revenue of the second quarter.

suggested two: QQ membership number is not available, you can stop

      two: we all know that QQ membership number, QQ membership number is to pay 10 yuan a month, which month if forget or because of other reasons did not pay, it will face the QQ number is frozen, the freezing time lasted 1 months, the number will be QQ complete recovery, even if again registered to the same QQ number, the number of friends inside information also exist. Many people do business with QQ, QQ friends lost, which gives users a great loss. In recent years, with the development of Tencent company has grown, users of QQ dependence has greatly improved, is not only simple to use QQ to chat, I know that some people love store files in the QQ disk, if because you forgot to pay the membership fee, cause loss of data. That’s a big loss!

      now the phone number can not be reported to stop, the phone number can not be reported to stop, your QQ membership number, do not have a direct recovery! Feel right?! 1 QB1 dollars, with the equivalent of the yuan, how not to consider the user experience ah!

recommendation three: doctor QQ detection system vulnerabilities, none, recommended the abolition of

      QQ three: Recently you will receive a prompt, QQ is the doctor, the doctor QQ not do anything else, is in your login QQ when you say there are loopholes in the system, you need to patch to solve! I think the function of system vulnerabilities Microsoft people make an unnecessary move, what you are in no hurry hurry, do not say anything else, only in our Fujian Internet Alliance maintenance of Internet cafes, there are a number of network complained that the guests do not know that this is going on, we thought the Internet bar in the QQ Trojan, you this >

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