said the site promotion of most of the webmaster is how to promote in the network, in fact, for some of the local site, if you do offline promotion flow and quality is greatly improved, today the author briefly summarizes some ways to promote the line, I hope to help you oh


, a web portal for propaganda purposes is a network of propaganda and network propaganda different propaganda way, this method pays more attention to the reality of life in the public and non network platform information, plays an important role in the way we have been familiar with marketing. The operation of a successful propaganda line will produce excellent advertising benefits in the short term can attract many network friends together, and to communicate with each other, and then the mass media follow up, constantly improve the network awareness, to constantly expand marketing appearance.

two, portal role and evaluation scale

1, the portal can establish and improve its store image.

2, portal can provide excellent management.

3, the portal is a strong background of network advertising operations. In order to achieve the above purpose, it is necessary to carry out reasonable network publicity and operation,. Network evaluation criteria: the number of visitors to enhance the smooth, registration number, praise, attention network.

three, the overall concept of the operation under the line

1, Internet publicity and layout background most people go to Internet cafes just chat or play games, seldom go to open the browser and so on, so want to attract the kind of people should start from where they can see at a glance around, such as posters, table, etc..

2, outdoor and body propaganda can be seen everywhere in the outdoor, on the body will make the effect of publicity effort.

3, banners and T-shirt propaganda young boys and girls who wear a T-shirt, under the banner of smart, how will the eye-catching scenery line.

four, media propaganda no longer than the media will be more of the media, such as newspapers, magazines, etc., if the use of the media as a special media, then the effect will be immeasurable publicity.

five, business cooperation in the business card, or engage in special activities, the banner on the web site, and then on the portal to promote the business products.

six, by engaging in outdoor activities to let more people know your portal.

seven, to the entity store publicity.

eight, in the community to promote the site, leaflets to be able to attract people’s attention.

nine, in a number of free items on the article, posted on the site, such as quilts, key buckle. T-shirt and so on.

ten, the use of mobile phones to promote, so that people have a mobile phone at the same time has a channel to understand the site.

eleven, in the campus to promote college students.

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