a lot of ways to promote, but the use of blog to do promotion, there are only a few large companies do. The annual profit of more than five hundred million where the customer is one of them, I believe many people browse some blogs will see some of their advertising related. As a self-employed shop owner, I learned something from. As we all know, the blog adhering to the free spirit of personal website, but the creation of the new excitation promotion model, he is a kind of communication way to meet zero editing, zero technology, zero system, zero cost, zero form, in the blogger’s reputation to promote help, will make their own shop more prosperous and compared to traditional advertising, buy Links, I think this kind of soft advertisement form will be more likely to produce good results.

in the recently concluded annual meeting of the Boao forum for Asia 2009, Sina President Cao Guowei also analyzed, China may be millions of people rely on the blog to make money. In addition Internet media usage is also rising. A lot of the performance in the United States is more effective in china. For example, the United States has 2200 blogs, Sina has a blog of the United States, there are hundreds of thousands of people rely on the blog to make money, China may be millions of people rely on to make money. But currently most bloggers are by Google Adsense can earn more than 100 of the profits, not a lot of each month, but the A5 blog union inside a blog for almost a week can earn hundreds, specific can see A5 Forum blog alliance column there, this is I want to share with you, how I buy the A5 blog union extension service to let my shop to get higher weights and order.

a successful promotion needs to cooperate with

one, its own content

was purchased A5 blog alliance promotion, their columnist consulted me some shop problems, the creation of promotion to facilitate better around itself to the theme, all articles are related to my shop, are relatively easy to understand, even for me to go to the great portal reported I increased the independent shop authority and reputation. Of course, the promotion of the blog site is the need for their own content is legitimate and no harm to the user, otherwise it does not accept the promotion.

two, blog

first, the blog because of the original content, so the weight is very high, including the bottom of the Google search also specifically shows the relevant blog posts this column, which shows the importance of Google blog. But the connection with his shop, indirect also give me increase my chain shop, buy links compared to pure, I think this is good, at least let users know more details about us. Search engine for the blog update is also more popular, blog logs tend to be search engine in order to give extra care, this is also a kind of affirmation of the spirit of Web2.0.

three, target user

thanks to soft advertising plus hard power

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