DoorDash is an American delivery company, the company received a $127 million round of financing. This round of financing led by Sequoia Capital Investment, Kleiner Perkins Khosla Ventures, Y Combinator Continuity Fund and Wellcome Trust with cast.


and DoorDash did not disclose the company in the current round of financing valuation, but according to the current price of $23.96 per share calculation (compared to the last round of financing price per share fell 16%), DoorDash in this round of financing valuation of about $717 million, and the valuation of the company in 2015 B round of financing valued at about. So it can be said that this round of financing DoorDash Down Round financing. The so-called Down Round, refers to investors to buy shares in the company in the round of financing is lower than the price, the price paid for a financing investors, that is to say a new round of financing for the company’s valuation is lower than the valuation of the company before.

last autumn, when DoorDash has just started when the current round of financing, the company was set at $1 billion, when the company’s existing investor Sequoia Capital also said to other investors, the company decided to DoorDash investment with the highest valuation of $1 billion, but this is the last thing. Because of this round of financing DoorDash global turmoil in the stock market, it is difficult to get enough capital to support Sequoia Capital and DoorDash, so that the latter to complete the financing of $1 billion valuation. Now many investors have begun to withdraw from the risk that seem too risky transactions, including local service website Thumbtack, second-hand car trading website Beepi and e-commerce company from the beginning, in recent months have been forced to reduce the expected valuation. According to the VentureSource data show that since the end of November last year so far, only 4 companies financing valuation reached $1 billion or more.

DoorDash was founded by Standford students in 2013. This company every room charge a fixed fee of $4 to $7, and to cooperate with the independent contractor, by them from the popular restaurant delivery to the user’s home. At present, DoorDash has more than and 20 city in the United States and Canada launched the room service. DoorDash CEO Tony Xu said the company intends to further expand their business by using the last 1 kilometers room of this round of financing, not only to expand the business in the United States, but also to other countries to expand business.

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