first_imgShareMEDIA ADVISORYCONTACT: Lia Unrau PHONE: (713) 831-4793 E-MAIL: [email protected] TECHNOLOGY TO DETECT GAS LEAKS PART OF COLLOQUIUMNew advances that will make possible detection of trace gases in airplanecabins, spacecraft and high-rise office buildings with sealed windows, will bepresented at a science colloquium Friday at Rice University.Advances in laser spectroscopy that will open new doors for optical detectionand measurement are allowing researchers to adapt simple solidstate lasers tourban and industrial applications. The small diode lasers can be made to helpmeasure minuscule concentrations of chemicals and gases. They could also be usedas inexpensive sensors to monitor air quality to detect methane emissions fromrice fields, or to monitor industrial pollution around the perimeter of an oilrefinery or other chemical plant.Science that supports nanotechnology and new optical methods and spectroscopyare among the topics to be presented at the Rice Quantum Institute’s 10th AnnualSummer Research Colloquium Aug. 23. The one-day meeting will offer a broadoverview of 58 presentations and posters of experimental and theoreticalresults.For more information contact Lia Unrau, science editor, Rice University NewsOffice, at (713) 831-4793, [email protected]### AddThislast_img

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