the last few days, the whole world is in action, people are deeply felt the Internet pornography, violence on social values and social morality and the threat of contempt. From the Korean students, the free state also began to pay attention to harm the network violence, Switzerland, Singapore and many other countries around the world even Japan also began to crack down on Internet pornography, to protect the cultural orientation of the virtual society, to protect their children.

        our country recently also intensify efforts to investigate, to Internet pornography is relentless, but after a good fight for a little while, over a period of time, will go back to the old way, palliatives. Only engage in Internet grading system, improve the responsibility at all levels, the impact of the content control at the same level. Below I simply say that this classification system, 06 years I put forward to the Chinese Internet to pay no attention, very depressed.

        Internet classification and film classification are the most reasonable ways to treat adult content reasonably. Mixed in a large number of erotic is not suitable for children under the condition of a lot of things difficult to qualitative, because for the adult aspect bare thing should be normal, if blindly pressure, so the adult space subject to certain violations, will bring them to another more subtle place. It has long been suggested "sex is not prostitution, in this more and more attention to human rights and privacy of the times, this problem is sometimes faced with the double paradox of law and morality.
        pornography and adult industry issues. The porn industry really can not be ignored is there, but the scale is very large, the classification system of his neutral, I think we can avoid more contradictions, but also conducive to the regulation and tax, can also reduce the violence. Porn industry in the end should not be legalized? What pornography is illegal? What 1 does not belong to the law? Even if it is not clear that the Chinese Internet pornography industry also exists, but profits. We make a lot of RMB deal in the dark than some counseling for them, make some reasonable industry to keep a certain space, it is convenient to regulate management, need to do is to set the scope of activities for them.


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