December 27th, approved by the central network security and information technology leadership team, the national Internet Information Office issued the national cyberspace security strategy, the full text is as follows.

With the wide application of

information technology and the rise of network space, it has greatly promoted the economic and social progress, but also brought new security risks and challenges. Cyberspace Security (hereinafter referred to as network security) is related to the common interests of mankind, related to world peace and development, national security concerns. Maintain the security of our network is to promote the coordination of the completion of a comprehensive well-off society in an important measure, comprehensive deepen reform and the rule of law, strictly comprehensive strategic layout, is an important guarantee to achieve the "two one hundred year struggle goals and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream. To implement the four item on the promotion of the global Internet governance system reform of "principles" of President Xi Jinping and the construction of cyberspace community of destiny "five point proposition", to clarify the position of China on major development and Cyberspace Security, guidance Chinese network security, safeguard the sovereignty, security and development interests of the country in cyberspace, develop this strategy.

one, opportunities and challenges

(a) major opportunity

With the rapid development of

information revolution, composed of Internet, communication network, computer system, automatic control system, digital equipment and the application, service and data network space, is changing people’s production and life style, profound impact on human society development history.

New channel of

information communication. The development of network technology has broken through the limitation of time and space, expanded the scope of communication, innovated the means of communication, and caused a fundamental change in the pattern of communication. Network has become a new channel for people to obtain information, learning and communication, and become a new carrier of human knowledge dissemination.

new space for production and life. In today’s world, network depth into people’s study, life, work and other aspects, network education, business, medical, financial, shopping is becoming increasingly popular, more and more people through the network to exchange ideas and achievements, to realize the dream.

new engine for economic development. The Internet has become the leading force for innovation driven development, information technology is widely used in various sectors of the national economy, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, the birth of a new technology, new formats, new industries, new mode, promote economic restructuring and transformation of economic development mode, has injected new impetus for economic and social development.

The new carrier of

cultural prosperity. Network to promote the cultural exchanges and the spread of knowledge, the release of the vitality of cultural development, promote cultural innovation to create, enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life, has become a new way of spreading culture, providing public cultural services. Network culture has become an important part of cultural construction.

A new platform for

social governance. The role of the network in promoting the modernization of national governance systems and governance capacity has become increasingly prominent, e-government applications to the depth of government information sharing, and promote the government

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