first quote Zac’s famous saying: the weight of the domain name is not from the beginning, are slowly accumulated from bit by bit. Do a truly trusted site, there is no shortcut, only to spend time to do the hard work, the time spent can not count on a monthly basis, but need to be calculated in accordance with the

so how to improve the weight of the domain name, how to improve the trust of the domain name, I think there are several factors:

1, access to high trust link

is the first to say Google to domain name trust explanation, Google will be the first artificial selection of a number of high trust domain, the quality of these sites is beyond doubt, these sites are thought to have a Google level of trust, if a website to get to the level of trust links, so the website has two levels of trust, and so on can be launched at level three, level Four trust website


and PR are similar, but the two are very different, the domain name trust is not in accordance with the page to calculate, but according to the domain name to calculate, so the domain name trust and not depend on the number of links, especially the domain name number is not spam links, but the quality of the link.

2, domain name history


domain name history including domain name registration time and initial search engines to the time of the page, the earlier registered domain name, the trust degree is higher, this is a very simple and effective, if there is a registered domain name for ten years, it is a powerful weapon, if there is a a registered domain name for 15 years, no matter what to do with him, is likely to win. This I have more experience, I have a domain name is like this, this is a 5 year old domain name, both in Baidu or Google, the performance is very good.

3, the most important site content


from the beginning of artificial selection of high quality station can be seen, the search engine algorithm can fool, but is not a good fool, especially such an important thing, it is hard to imagine a collection station will be regarded as high trust website.

at least at the beginning of the site to the original based, and other sites have a certain degree of trust, in the appropriate collection.

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