technology news Beijing time on December 29th afternoon, users found on the Internet a new subtitle download sites, in particular, his name and page design and has just announced the closure of the network is very similar to the shooter.

this website Chinese very concise, called "pseudo Archer net" domain name is simple and eye-catching: The site has been very similar to the design of the shooter network, only in the vicinity of the Logo increase is not too compelling pseudo word. The site’s introduction text wrote, "there are 317920 subtitles, the number of documents, do not know how many do not know how many users, do not know how many pieces of discussion, the 0."

since 2013, the relevant departments began to network tort for rectification, in December of that year, the central four ministries Jian Wang action ordered the Baidu video, Nora stop piracy, and fines. In October 27th this year, the Motion Picture Association of America has announced a worldwide survey of audio and video piracy, in the report referred to the name of the film and television website and the issue of piracy.

everyone in the original version of the film is said to be shut down by copyright pressure". The shooter network does not directly indicate the reason, founder Shen Sheng · in a "broken homes; · implicitly said" from the announcement: "the need for network era has walked away striker. Therefore, today, the shooter officially shut down." (Lafite)

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