woke up this morning and found that more than one hundred thousand of WeChat’s id:youthMBA. I do not know what this article recently and is a recommended Daniel day yesterday, subscriber growth of nearly 3000 people, far more than the usual rate of 500 people a day, like playing chicken with the same total subscribers to six digits.

insist on sharing an article on the European and American youth interdisciplinary humanities education on a daily basis, which is 2013 I congratulate myself on one thing. This is the middle, a lot of people, including institutions, ask me, how do you do promotion? My answer is always: I have not done promotion. But they don’t believe it. My only foreign voice, when the user is thirty thousand or forty thousand WeChat, in science and technology media tiger sniffing online wrote an article sentiment.

because of a public WeChat number, resulting in a change in my life. Sounds like magic, it’s true. For the past ten years I have been a financial media. Because my kids are growing up, I started the WeChat School of business at the beginning of 2013. Many people of fatherhood, motherhood, there will be some changes in the mentality, and there will be some action), then I was in the sixth year of southern weekend. Stay really tired, especially New Year message events, give you too much negative energy. But if not immediately start, still waving, creating what? But I soon resigned. Went to Beijing, joined iBloomberg, the transition to do a financial video producer. The idea was to either start a business or expand your knowledge and product lines in the financial media. But three months later, I quit. The reason is that young business school WeChat subscriber continued rapid growth. Behind the figures, there are always parents, educational institutions across the country, and I explore the possibility of cooperation. I finally made up my mind to try. From Beijing in October 15th completed the formalities to return to Guangzhou, the rental office, recruiting, November 1st, company opened. Since then, really from the financial media, across the field of children’s education.


more than ten months, WeChat broke through the one hundred thousand. Fast? I don’t know. I only remember that from 0 to 10 thousand, I spent more than 5 months. Can be more concerned about the outside world, and took more than 5 months time, the user grew from 10 thousand to 100 thousand. Over the past month, an average of 500 new users per day, the daily reading rate of the article was about 50 thousand people, about 3000 times the amount of forwarding.

yes, when many people regard technical or marketing as a standard mobile Internet era, when many peers in the discussion of traditional media is at the end of a I, a stubbornly think content is fundamental of traditional media, the new media experiment for a year. The feeling is very deep. Two of the most important: retreat, not contradictory things in the world, only arrogant thinking, things are made out and.

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