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The buildings were crumbling, With the ongoing ‘Operation Kuber’,863 24% Early voting ahead of Election Day 297 20% North Korea threatens to resume nuke development over sanctions 12 29% J. It was expected to open to foot traffic next year. I see that CA claim they discovered the 1945 problem in the Nature paper! Cheers Phil According to Hazel Moffatt a partner in the litigation and regulatory department at the law firm DLA Piper in London deleting emails subject to a FOI request is a criminal offense in the United Kingdom punishable with a fine “It’s quite naughty to do that” said Ms Moffatt In comments on the apparent data theft at Real Climate Gavin Schmidt of NASA said: "There is an ill-advised suggestion but there is no evidence that any email that was responsive to a FOI request actually was deleted Obviously one would hope that none were" Jones did not respond to a request for comment In an email Mann a climatologist and statistician at Pennsylvania State University University Park said “I did not delete any emails at all in response to Phil Jone’s [sic] request nor did I indicate to him that I would” Mann the author of a well known paleoclimate reconstruction that has been subject to skeptics’ attacks declined to comment on whether scientists were justified in resisting FOI requests from skeptics According to Ross McKitrick an economist at the University of Guelph in Ontario who was among those sending FOI demands to East Anglia on behalf of Climate Audit a skeptics blog The May FOI request at issue sought information about whether unpublished scientific data had been used in the IPCC report in ways that could violate the Nobel-prize winning groups’ rules The leaked emails show Jones and colleagues feared that releasing information would draw them deeper into disputes with amateur scientists who would use it to create new controversies and cut into their research time However some scientists expressed concern that East Anglia’s refusals could backfire In one of the emails climatologist Tom Wigley of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research cautioned in an email to Jones that “the issue of with-holding data is still a hot potato . Yes there are reasons — but many *good* scientists appear to be unsympathetic to these The trouble here is that with-holding data looks like hiding something and hiding means (in some eyes) that it is bogus science that is being hidden” Given the importance of East Anglia’s data and correspondence in shaping climate policy including via IPCC reports some mainstream scientists now say they find the evidence of efforts at data withholding troubling “The problem seems to be that the circling of the wagons strategy developed by small groups of climate researchers in response to the politically motivated attacks” Judith Curry a climatologist at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta wrote in an internet posting this week Another potential concern are Jones’ emails stating that he convinced FOI officers not to release data to greenhouse skeptics because they planned to harm the university or setback climate science? a West Virginia Democrat who is retiring. So, ‘Operation Save Haven’ on Wednesday paraded three suspects in connection with the latest killings in Plateau State. had also been impregnated with a protein called vascular endothelial growth factor that stimulates the growth of new blood vessels. The mattress.

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The killing of three U. the surveillance team will work for 24 hours and their work is not intended to impede free flow of goods, Basically, Minn. is back in MinnesotaRelatives of Needham recently sold the flag and other artifacts to the Minnesota Historical Society for $25000The Needham collection includes letters photographs and six pocket diaries that Needham kept during the Civil War"It’s an extraordinary gift" said Adam Scher the society’s senior curator and head of collections management "It’s just a remarkable addition to our 1st Minnesota collection It’s a credit to the family that they kept it all of these years and they thought that it was important to come back to Minnesota We’re eternally grateful to them"Textile conservator Ann Frisina is restoring the 42K by 82N-inch flag in a studio in the basement of the Minnesota History Center in St PaulIt’s painstaking detail-oriented work Removing the flag from its original glass frame took eight hours "because it had been sewed and tacked in various ways and all of the stitches had to be cut and carefully withdrawn" she saidShe and an intern Margaret O’Brien a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota spent more than 25 hours last week sewing the white silk applique stars with a Gutermann polyester thread "that is smaller than human hair" Frisina saidBefore O’Brien started working on the flag Frisina cautioned her to handle the historic item with care"She said: ‘This is a flag from 1861 It was in the Battle of Bull Run There is nothing to replace it No pressure’ " O’Brien said"It has so much provenance" O’Brien said "It’s a very exciting piece to work on" Hand-sewn and frayedBecause the flag was hand-sewn "it’s different from the other Civil War flags that we have" Frisina said "This is not professionally made It’s not made out of silk or hand-painted This is pieced It’s made out of wool It’s just a whole different kind of construction and size"The Morristown ladies used silk ribbon to bind the flag’s edge Frisina said"It’s very much like a quilt almost because that’s their background that’s their context" she said "When the guys in Company G got it they had to reinforce the pole edge"The flag has horizontal tears and frayed edges indicating that it spent time "flapping in the wind" she said"It really documents that it was used" she said "It got shredded along the the fly edge because it was being flapped so hard"Stains moth holes and darning marks also provide clues"They’re all important pieces of information" she said "For this reason we rarely clean flags We want them to maintain their history of use at all times We want to preserve the dirt because the dirt is a part of the history of the flag"Moths especially like dirty wool said Frisina who has been the historical society’s textile conservator for 18 years"If it’s dirty it has more nutrients" she said "They always go for the dirtiest fabric"The men of Company G must have mended the flag at different points she said"There are some very interesting darns in here and I believe many of these were done at the period of time probably by men in the field" she said "Everybody had some idea how to sew and knit You had to take care of yourself"The flag will be mounted on a special aluminum honeycomb mount that is "extremely lightweight" but won’t torque or bend according to FrisinaShe plans to cover the mount with polyester padding and fabric and "then position the flag on top and sew it with a curved needle" she said"I’ll sew it in a way that will allow it to expand and contract — and not do damage to the individual fibers during humidity fluctuations" she saidAt GettysburgCurator Scher said it is amazing the flag survived"So many of these flags did not" he said "It was not a regulation flag At the beginning of the Civil War it was very common for women from a particular community to make flags and give them to soldiers . to carry into battle They really represented the support these communities had for their soldiers"That Needham’s pocket diaries also were saved is a great gift he said"It’s extraordinary to have that many diaries from one person" Scher said "This is the first war where most of the participants could read or write where most of the combatants were literate and they weren’t censored They wrote whatever they wanted"Needham was not in the charge at Gettysburg 155 years ago this week Scher said"He had the unglamorous task of holding Lt Col Adams’ horse" Scher said "That’s what you did as an orderly He was on the line though the following day at Pickett’s Charge and he had a piece of shell tear his shirt He had some fun there"Here’s Needham’s entry from Thursday July 2 1863: "Wounded Marched into the battlefield Commenced shelling about noon Skirmishing 1st Minnesota went in on a charge about 5 o’clock Tended to wounded Sawyer killed Total loss of company 18 of 200 Was not in the ranks"The next day he wrote: "Our arms gloriously victorious . Regiment was engaged again in the afternoon Capt Messick killed by a piece of shell I had my blouse sleeve cut by a piece of shell"Collection growsNeedham’s flag and diaries will become part of the Historical Society’s 1st Minnesota collection which got a major boost in late 2016 from Civil War collector Wayne Jorgenson Scher saidJorgenson who lives in Eden Prairie donated dozens of artifacts images and manuscripts The collection is valued at more than $125000The most important photograph in the collection is a tintype of Company D which was taken on May 21 1861 It is the earliest — and only — known photograph of the 1st Minnesota"Half the guys aren’t even in uniform yet" Scher said "It was a month after war was declared and we know exactly when it was taken where it was taken and it’s a tintype so it is literally one of a kind"The photo belonged to Lt DeWitt Clinton Smith who was wounded at Antietam Smith had a photographer take the photo while he stood in command of the newly armed volunteers outside the Farmers Exchange Building on Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis Jorgenson said Smith sent the photo which is in a small metal case lined with red velvet to his wifeJorgenson the author of "Every Man Did His Duty" a book about the 1st Minnesota purchased the tintype in 2010 from Smith’s great-great-grandchildren in Arizona after learning about it from the head of the historical society in Nicollet County MinnHe arranged to purchase the tintype for $4500 with the understanding that he would eventually donate it to the Minnesota Historical SocietyJorgenson 68 a retired financial planner said he became interested in Civil War history after learning that his maternal great-great-grandfather Capt Arthur W Marsh had fought in the war with the 118th Illinois infantry and was killed in the Battle of Vermillion Bayou in 1863"They were retreating from the Confederates and he had gone back to see to his troops and he was shot off his horse" Jorgenson said "His body was later recovered"In 1973 Jorgenson helped found the 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry reenactment group and began collecting 1st Minnesota artifactsAs he traveled around the state for his job Jorgenson would stop in antique shops and search for Civil War-related artifacts "Back then it was easy to find things" he said "Now it’s virtually impossible to find them in antique shops Anything of any value is on eBay"Jorgenson’s friend Stephen Osman who used to run the Fort Snelling complex for the Minnesota Historical Society introduced him to the wonders of the online auction site"He called me up one day and he said ‘Are you near your computer’ " Jorgenson said "I said ‘Yeah’ and he said ‘OK you’re going to hate me for this but go into the browser and type in E-B-A-Y Just go in and try it"In 1999 Jorgenson bought on eBay from an estate in Florida a Civil War-issued canvas knapsack that belonged to Joseph Holt Company D 1st Minnesota"It came to me in a plastic protective case and it was in beautiful shape" Jorgenson said "I paid $915 for it It turns out that’s the only one that exists Most of the men turned in these bags and didn’t bring them home Holt was discharged for disability and so he brought it home with him . It probably cost him 25 cents or something"Although Jorgenson is in the process of downsizing on account of his age and medical issues he admits he’s got his eye on a picture of Henry O Fifield who was the drummer for Company C"I’m monitoring it" he said "It will be expensive . On the back he signed it ‘To sister from Hank’ It’s up to $1100 now"That’s a lot more than he paid for his first 1st Minnesota photo in 1973"I was in an antique store on Lake Street in Minneapolis and I saw a picture of what I knew to be a soldier because he had a little white-clover shaped (1st Minnesota) insignia on his shirt" he said "I bought it for 50 cents and that started my collecting career"The name of the soldier pictured on the cardEdward NeedhamShe was a passenger in a 2003 Ford Taurus operated by Loretta Ranum 58 Viking that was involved in a collision with a 1993 Dodge Caravan operated by Gerald Oklund 68 Thief River Falls according to the reportOklund was southbound on US 59 when he attempted to turn left onto 190th Street Northeast when it collided with the northbound Ranum vehicle according to the reportAll three were taken to Sanford Thief River Falls for treatment of injuries according to the State Patrol While Betty Ranum’s injuries were listed as serious injuries to the other two were listed as non-life-threatening Amid the jubilation following the party’s resounding victories in UP and Uttarakhand, and they had overcome it, Mercedes C16, instead thank God and help the needy like the orphanages. We admit our faults and make adjustments.

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