1: General

first to regulate the non bank payment institutions (hereinafter referred to as payment institutions) online payment service, payment risk prevention, the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, according to the "People’s Republic of China", "law of the people’s Bank of China non-financial institution payment service management approach" and other regulations, the enactment of this approach.


the purpose and basis for the formulation of these measures.

second payment institutions engaged in online payment services, the application of these measures.

The payment institution

approach is to obtain "pay business licence" in accordance with the law, to handle Internet payment, mobile phone payment, payment, payment of fixed telephone and other digital TV network payment services to non bank institutions.

mentioned in these Measures refers to the online payment service, the customer through the computer, mobile terminals and other electronic equipment, relying on the public network information system remotely initiate payment instructions, and payment and collection of electronic devices is the customer customer specific equipment interaction, paid by the institutions to provide money transfer services customer receipt and payment activities.

Collection of customer specific exclusive equipment mentioned in these Measures refers to the special

, used for trade receivables, in the transaction process and the payment agency business system interaction and participate in the generation, transmission and processing of electronic payment equipment directive.


1. The scope of application of these measures.

two, the meaning of the payment institutions referred to in these measures.

three, the meaning of the network payment service as mentioned in these measures. The network payment services regulated by these measures should have four basic characteristics:

(a) the main body of payment transfer services for payment and payment clients is the payment institution;

(two) customer initiated payment instructions by means of computer, mobile terminals and other electronic equipment;


(three) payment instruction is initiated remotely on a public network information system, that is, the customer’s electronic device interacts with the relevant backend system via a public network information system and passes the payment instruction. Therefore, payment instructions initiated in the process of electronic equipment customers without interaction with the background system payment service does not belong to the regulation (for example, based on the NFC mobile phone function offline electronic cash consumption business);

In the course of the

(four) payment instruction initiation, the electronic equipment of the payment customer does not interact with the special equipment of the collection customer.

four, "collection customer specific equipment" is devoted to the transaction collection of electronic equipment, in the transaction process and the payment agency business system interaction, and participate in the generation, transmission and processing to complete the payment instruction. Such equipment is usually placed in the collection of customer premises, payment customers need to visit the customer’s business place to complete the payment.

collection customer specific proprietary devices, including POS and other traditional terminal, as well as the generation, read >

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