SNS model is now the most popular mode, many network operators targeting this opportunity. Basic marketing methods are from friends, classmates, family, for these people to make a return to business opportunities. Taobao CEO Ma: the next three to five years do not do e-commerce you will regret a lifetime! Many people use this platform to do Taobao, paper copy and other services, and even more is a means of webmasters to promote the site. Several features of SNS platform marketing.

1 user dependence is relatively high

Renren this platform has a wealth of resources, users can easily find their fellow villagers, friends, classmates, like-minded people, etc.. Users are more dependent on it, because a lot of things are attractive to some people. For example, some people for the purpose of making friends, he will come here every day to chat with friends.

2.SNS website interactivity is relatively strong

although the SNS site is not the same as QQ instant messaging products, he can also interact with instant messaging products. You can talk about the most popular issues at the moment, you can launch a number of votes, issue a number of issues to mobilize the wisdom of all. Article reprint rate is portal website and forum cannot compare.

3 rich resources

Whether it is SNS or

integrated vertical SNS, now there is no specific user groups, including the staff is widely distributed all over the country, and from all walks of life have, therefore, this will give SNS to unlimited resources, by the majority of users in the use of slowly accumulated resources to help SNS website. In fact, users are resources.

Ma Haiyao cite some simple SNS on the website, because these good characteristics make some want to try to give a friend to give charm, is the so-called is: there will be a need to ask, this is the opportunity. Today’s more popular e-commerce platform is Taobao, a simple way to use SNS to do a successful Taobao businessman? In fact, Renren has given us a very good a fish pond. I believe you will also know how to fishing or fishing! Fishing can make some bait in a designated place for fish to eat, so while your fishing is easy. How can we make the fish pond, and constantly add friends, until their friends can not put down. Put on your best look at the life of the photos and the products you do, no matter what platform "wolf" is more. This is a girl to do business than boys successfully fast reason why.

Finally I wish all

use the SNS website to give

a good harvest!

above is a simple idea of SNS website marketing, hoping to find like-minded friends continue to exchange. Personal QQ 97092039


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