if the list impressed you H5 this year, you will think of what? The Imperial Palace, Tmall double 11, and not long ago maxed out your circle of friends Joker…… So the question is, where to find those hanging fried days H5 small series today to recommend a artifact to you – "hurry up" APP, here you want a variety of H5 cases, games, testing……


was quickly spread throughout the year, H5, are using all kinds of IP. However, what is IP? How many people really understand the true meaning of IP? China since the film industry began to hype the concept, it will quickly jump red, especially in the field of cultural creation. IP is the abbreviation of English intellectualproperty (intellectual property), is a kind of intangible values, with a certain IP products are often attracted to the value orientation of the crowd, known as the "sense of belonging"". For example, Marvel fans as "Captain America" is based on the Marvel Comics adapted into a movie theater, "is a super IP Marvel" brand capacity "heroism" on behalf of the. Brand belongs to the bottom of the building, and IP has gone beyond the brand level itself, more like a continuation of the brand and crystallization, the formation of the product and the audience’s emotional ties. Today, there are already more and more brands in the promotion of the IP closer to this year, the company launched a wide range of H5 mobile pages, we look at these representative cases are used which IP. (the Imperial Palace, 1 ancient cultural celebrities in the history of our aggregation platform) "hurry up" App search in H5 in July this year maxed circle of friends across the Imperial Palace to see you "case", adhering to the the Imperial Palace creative this year to do just perfect funny funny than the new media in micro-blog, WeChat, Taobao, wind and other platforms, the for the promotion of NEXT IDEA Tencent H5 innovation contest a debate phenomenon and forwarding boom, launched less than 1 months, there have been 3 million 470 thousand views, it is also the main source of PV in the circle of friends. It even took up a "through" rap "H5" trend.



H5 can be so successful, in addition to create new styles and making production team Shenzhen Aoki treedom creative on the heart, "the Imperial Palace" is the super big IP also plays a very important role, make people feel amazing is that China landmark the Imperial Palace ancient buildings can subvert it represents tradition and serious side, people through the back modern: jump RAP, micro channel, VR…… After watching people smile. Since the "across the Imperial Palace to see you" this H5 popular, "let the ancients back to the modern rap" this approach seems to have become a magic weapon H5. In the quick App search on "through" will find a lot of H5 have used it up.


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